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Ring Bind: Magic More Series
by Ken Muller

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Ring Bind: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

A Linking Rings enhancement module for any set or routine (4"-12"). Can be used in a traditional approach starting with separate rings, or with Reverse Rings and the four linked at the start - or in the middle somewhere.

This can replace the standard Odin Count to show the four rings to be separate, with the added astonishment of penetrating the rope. With Reverse Rings, each ring penetrates both the other rings and the rope.

A set of four metal rings are displayed tied together with a double looped length of cord or ribbon tied in a bow. This cord is untied with a demonstration of the secure binding. With an appropriate storyline, the cord is retied to illustrate the double looping, ending with a spectator tying the knot and hold the ends of the cord. Regardless, the rings are removed one-by-one from the secured cord. The performer can now do several Ring on Rope effects before a Linking Ring routine, or proceed with your favorite methods.

Advantages to this approach:

  • the looped cord and bow conceal the gap in the key ring
  • the presence of the cord is justified
  • the 'magic causality' is shifted to the cord that can be examined
  • the four rings are shown to be single without a meaningless 'count'
  • a spectator is involved as a participant and close witness
  • patterns of cord and ring handling are established
  • an expectation of inexplicable results is established

No gimmicks - just some sleights you probably already know but never used with rings. Easy to follow photos.

This Module is an extraction from Primal Rings, "Rings and Meaning Routine."

1st edition 2022, PDF 8 pages.
word count: 2055 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text