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Rings and Things
by Aldo Colombini

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Rings and Things by Aldo Colombini

Ten routines with large rings and finger rings. All effects are performed with rings and other props such as silks, ropes, padlocks and pens. They are suitable for close-up and walk-around magic, and most are impromptu and can be performed with borrowed objects.


  • RING ON STICK (Bill Simon): A finger ring escapes from a handkerchief and reappears on a stick or a pen.
  • PICK A FINGER (Ken de Courcy): The perfect opening for a ring routine. You show your hand empty, a spectator picks a finger and on that finger a ring suddenly appears.
  • DIRECT RING/ROPE PENETRATION (Michael Sondermeyer): A ring visibly penetrates a length of rope.
  • THE PURLOINED RING (Meir Yedid): A finger ring placed inside a purse frame, disappears. You will be fooled by the method.
  • RING-ON-ROPE TOSS (Doug Edwards): A large plastic ring is tossed towards the middle of the rope and penetrates it.
  • RING ON RIBBON (Marconick): A reputation maker. A finger ring placed in a jewel box vanishes and reappears on a tied ribbon.
  • ROPE, RING AND ROD (Jim Ryan): A finger ring is threaded on a rope, it vanishes and reappears on a pencil held by a spectator.
  • KARATE IT ON (Sam Schwartz): The ring is held away from the ends of the rope. A karate chop and instantly the ring is on the rope.
  • ON-OFF AGAIN (Oscar Weigle-Sol Stone): A finger ring and a pen are used. The ring penetrates on and off the pen. A solid impromptu routine.
  • COMBINATION LOCK & RING (Paul Hallas): A borrowed ring is placed on a combination lock, a spectator discovers the combination using a deck of playing cards.

Reviewed by Sarin Suriyakoon (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 12 April, 2020

Nice idea about ring tricks but there is no full routine here. I give it four stars because even though the trick is not very strong but the explanation is in detail.

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