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Rovi: The Story of a Man and his Magic
by Richard Owen


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Rovi: The Story of a Man and his Magic by Richard Owen

The authorized book of Rovi's life, philosophy, and magic. The first part deals with Rovi's life from birth, through military service and marriage all the way to his success in magic. A fascinating story with over 50 tricks including the much-requested "Cowboy Trick." Wonderful effects for a variety of skills. Many sleights are thoroughly explained and discussed, including Rovi's fabulous forces, pass, side slip, peek and top change. Many of these ideas appeared in print in this book for the first time.

Wonderful illustrations by Tony Dunn; produced and partly edited by Anthony Brahams.

1st edition 2000, The Cairn Press; print edition 173 pages; PDF 139 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Publisher's Notes
  3. General Introduction
  4. Biography—Birth to Youth
  5. Military Service then Work in Printing
  6. Minnie, Marriage, Magic
  7. Magical Societies
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Anecdotes and Appreciations

    Three Tributes from Three Colleagues

  11. Tom Owen
  12. Barry Williams (One of Wales' top comedy entertainers)
  13. Arthur Day

  14. Introduction to Rovi's Magic

    The Pass-A Necessary Evil?

  15. The Rovi Pass and Controls
  16. Card in Chocolate Box
  17. Safe Bet
  18. Dippy Duck

    The Top Change

  19. The Choice is yours
  20. Just for a Change
  21. Whose card are we talking about?
  22. One of the Best

    The Peek

  23. To Peek at Leisure
  24. Further references for the peek include

    The Fan Force

  25. Rovi's Fan Force
  26. The Best of Both
  27. Pressure Fan Force
  28. Ribbon Spread Force
  29. It Saves a Lot of Time
  30. I've Been Beaten
  31. Signed Card in Wallet
  32. Mine or Yours?
  33. Amazing, is it Not?
  34. Nothing Short of a Miracle
  35. References for forces include

    The Jinx or Hindu or End Shuffle

  36. And Your Name is?
  37. The Jinx shuffle to show all the cards the same
  38. Card in Wallet
  39. The Jinx shuffle force
  40. Nice and Quick
  41. The Jinx Cut
  42. Between You and Me
  43. The 'Find You' Card
  44. Just Between Friends
  45. Editor's Notes
  46. Further Reading

  47. Rovi's Side Slip

    The Hinged Card

  48. Who do you Support?
  49. Card through table
  50. Card in Balloon
  51. Yours, I Believe

    The Thick Card

  52. Without Sight—Without Knowledge
  53. Is it Possible? No it's Not!
  54. Card in Wallet
  55. Cards in Harmony
  56. Your Card Plus Four Aces
  57. Notes

  58. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  59. Reputation Maker
  60. Cowboy trick
  61. The Magnetic North

  62. The Sandwich by Francis Haxton
  63. Rovi's version—The Powerful Queen
  64. Rovi's Close Up Version—Quick Bite

  65. Rovi Book Tests
  66. The Impossible made Possible
  67. The Rovi Book Test
  68. Saves a lot of Trouble Method

  69. Your Card and "Three Fat Ladies"
  70. Quick Time Version
  71. Note

  72. Roy, Roger Reminiscing

  73. Old Wines and Old Friends are Best
  74. Personal Perceptions
  75. Perception Replicated
  76. In my Estimation

  77. Goodbye to Rovi

word count: 57852 which is equivalent to 231 standard pages of text


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