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Wild at Heart
by Kyle MacNeill


(29 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Wild at Heart by Kyle MacNeill

"Thanks for the amazing response that you had for Wild at Heart! Rachel had her operation in November 2010, and thankfully it went brilliantly. She and Aldo are now having their amazing farewell lecture tour, and all you brilliant people who bought this Ebook helped them lots. So, although this Ebook will not help with Rachel's operation anymore, all the money will still go to Aldo and Rachel, and you will be getting an Ebook full of great magic. Thank you." - Kyle

This is a very special ebook put together by an incredible person who is all but 13 years old and driven by his love for magic. He rallied some of the best magicians alive to contribute some of their strongest effects, all for the benefit of Rachel Colombini. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Aldo and Rachel Colombini to provide financial assistance to a life threatening condition Rachel is suffering. Surgery runs north of $200,000. The goal is to help the Colombinis raise that much. You can help make a miracle come true by buying a copy or two and spreading the word. Imagine that the efforts of a 13 year old could ultimately save a life. And the only connection between Kyle and the Colombinis is their love for magic.

As you can see from the list of effects and contributors below, this is not just a wonderful opportunity to help the Colombinis but to get some exceptional magic for a bargain. 166 pages for $20 is hard to beat.

  1. X – Can by Raphael Czaja – What better to start us off than a brilliant and modern ACAAN from Raphael Czaja?!
  2. Bluff ACAAN by Sean Carpenter – Another great and very devious ACAAN, Containing a lovely bluff switch move.
  3. Regeneraser by Jeff Prace – A very intriguing trick involoving an eraser! An old eraser is shook, and turns into a clean new one!
  4. A Little E.S.Precognition by Jeff Bloom – A two phase ESP trick, bursting with comedy and magic! A variation on Double Cross, by the man, himsel, Aldo Colombini!
  5. Mother's X-Ray Vision (A radically different use for MOAB) by Ben Harris – A brilliant book test, using MOAB in a different way!
  6. Wilder by Cameron Francis – The creative genious they call Cameron Francis, has contributed a wonderful effect taken from Moment’s Notice 3!
  7. OMG Collectors by David Gemmell – A great variation on the classic Collectors plot, whereby 3 selections replace three indifferent cards placed in between the collector cards, before the sleections were even chosen!
  8. Counting on you by John Carey – A magnificent take on Paul Cummings’ Counting on it! Brilliant Metalism with a deck of cards!
  9. Re – Clipped by Jeff Prace – Another very intriguing effect by the great Jeff Prace, this time restoring a Sharpie clip, that was broken off a Sharpie!
  10. Donna’s B - Day Trick by David Gemmell – A triple prediciton effect, bursting with magical goodness!
  11. BLT by Kyle MacNeill – My recent sandwich effect, involving colour chages, vanishes, sandwiches and.... a false count thrown in for good measure!
  12. PK Bill by Col Narendra Singh – An in depth explanation on how to make a note fold! PK at its best!
  13. Phantom Stab 2 by Peter Duffie – The awesome Peter Duffie contributes a brilliant trick, whereby an invisible ‘Phantom card’ is tossed into the deck, landing in between two selected selections!
  14. Ace to Ace by Kyle MacNeill – My attempt at an ace production, quick, quirky and fun to perform!
  15. The Triple C Cut by Rowan Chapman – A absoloutely fantastic XCM convincer cut by Rowan Chapman. Has had rave reviews from lots of magicians, including Dan and Dave Buck! Has to be added to any XCM lover’s arsenal!
  16. The Entertainers by James Colonna – An brilliant impromptu version of Cameron Francis’ Dupes! Praised by Cameron Francis himself!
  17. Inverse ACAAN by Tommaso Guglielmi –A highly interesting ACAAN from the grand master of ACAANs! Brlliant!
  18. On Demand ACAAN (Full Impromptu one on one effect) by Tommaso Guglielmi – The grand master of ACAANs strikes again! One of the best ACAANs of all time!
  19. Virtual Skin by Jay Crowe – An incredible discovery of a common gel, that when applied, can let you make a flame travel from hand to hand! DISCLAIMER INSIDE, only to be used by SERIOUS MAGICIANS.
  20. Torn by Tabby Crabb – A simple to do yet very effective Torn and Restored card effect, reprinted from the Magic Menu. Great for T and R lovers!
  21. Working Professionals card to forehead by Jim Sisti – A highly comical version of card to forehead, a brilliant ice breaker! Taken from the Magic Menu!
  22. I dub thee by Ben Williams – A simple yet devastating effect, whereby a card in a sealed envelope, is found to have a thought of word on the back! A mentalism KILLER!
  23. Etching – A – Sketch by Chad Sanborn – A very interesting effect whereby a coin on the tails side is etched onto a Post – it note Pad, when you turn a real coin over in your other hand, the drawing changes to heads side! Brilliant!
  24. No Palm Card to Box by Gary Jones – The absoloute legend Gary Jones contribute a gimickless, no palm, signed card to box! Doesn’t get much better than this!
  25. The Trump Elimination Game by Jeff Pierce – The spectator selects a card as the magician is looking away, yet through a process of elimination, the card is discovered. A great piece of mentalism with some very well thought out patter!
  26. Professor’s Second Nightmare by Randy Atha – A deceptive yet simple variation on the absoloute classic; Professor’s Nightmare! Brilliant for all Rope Magic Lovers!
  27. Torn with a Reason by Pablo Amirá – A very simple, gimickless Torn and Restored card! Brlliant!
  28. Seasons of life by Bobby Warren – A very well thought out take on Max Maven’s Mockingbird. Patter is excellent, and the trick even includes bonus ideas from Boris Wild!
  29. Name Tag Trick by Christopher Kavanagh – A quick, simple and very magical Name Tag trick! Brilliant for walk around!
  30. Ten-Ace, Anyone? by Marty Kane – Brilliant patter served up with a brilliant trick, created by Marty Kane, who has had over 10 of his tricks in various Aldo Colombini books and DVDs!
  31. Wishing Stone by Jay Rosenberg – A beautiful and romantic trick, whereby a crystal stone changes colour when wished upon! Beautiful!
  32. One card Annie by Charlie Pugsley – A very well thought out Anniversarry Waltz variation, where only one Double Facer is used! Very simple and deceptive!
  33. Flight Off! By Andrew Loh Shang Hai – Andrew Loh (Shang Hai) brings out a brilliant, impromptu, card trick, involving sandwiches and vanishes! Absoloutely brilliant!
  34. Cards to Pocket by Chris Congreave – Ever wanted to perform a Card to Pocket qhich will leave your spectators speechless? Perform this extrodinary one!
  35. AlMatch by Al Smith – A card is picked, the deck is shuffled and split into two halves. Yet impossibly, when each halve is dealt, the selection is dealt from one halve and simultaneously the card dealt from the other halve is the card’s twin! Fantastic!
  36. Opencryption by Al Smith – A brilliant card trick, seemingly impossible! Great for all lovers of the pasteboard!
  37. Switch Card Swindle by Al Smith – A brilliant pasteboard trick using Paul Curry’s Swithcless Switch! Contains brilliant illustrated images!
  38. Un-Locking the Open Prediction By Evan Shuster – A succsessful attmept at creating a highly magical and clean Open Prediciton trick! I love this one!
  39. The Thirteenth Levitation Variation One by Dale A. Hildebrandt – An intriguing and unusual trick whereby a spectator feels like he is levitating! Amazing!
  40. P-Ainting by Dale A. Hildebrandt – A brilliant theatrical piece, whereby a woman is seen to have left a small painting! Will leave any spectator speechless!
  41. Lucky Card by Mark Southworth - A self working Mentalism card trick! Simplicity and magic at its best!
  42. Reality Aces by Rahat Hossain – An Ace production I will be sure to use! After one ace is place on the table, the other aces seem to literally appear from nowhere!
  43. Mirrored by Sean Waters – A lovely prediciton effect whereby three cards placed in your pocket are the twins of three chosen cards the spectator places in their pocket! Brilliant!
  44. The Unbreakable comb by Bill Montana – A brilliant and very funny comb routine based on a joke. Comedy magic at its best!
  45. What This Country Needs is a Good 85 Cent Scotch and Soda by Bill Palmer – A great ungimmicked walk around Scoth and Soda. Absoloutely brilliant for coin lovers!
  46. Time for Change by Michael Rubinstein – A lovely coin routine involving a coin purse. A real reputation maker!

1st edition 2010; 166 pages.
word count: 41597 which is equivalent to 166 standard pages of text

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