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Safety Pin Trix

by Jerry Andrus
#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Safety Pin Trix by Jerry Andrus

One of the things Jerry Andrus is known for are his safety pin tricks. He has created a whole range of methods and moves and effects. Enjoy an array of truly bewildering effects with the lowly safety pin. [Please note that no safety pins are included with this download.]

  • Foreword
  • A Word From The Author
  • Materials Supplied With This Book
  • About The Pins
  • Triple Link From Spectator's Fingers
  • "Tap" Linking
  • From One To Another
  • Triple Link From Table
  • Strike Linking From Table Or Spectator's Palm
  • Vanish Of A Linked Pin
  • A Lu Brent Method Of Switching
  • Impossible Repeat Link
  • A Snappy Penetration
  • Acrobatic Unlinking
  • Strike Steal From Spectator's Fingers
  • Secret Unking
  • The "Impossible" Snap Substitution
  • Rob-A-Link
  • Double Linking
  • Effect No. 6 - They Link And Unlink In The Spectator's Hands
  • Ronald Plumb Switch And Finish
  • The Escaping Pins
  • "Push" Linking Of Regular Pins
  • Handkerchief Penetration
  • Secret Addition Of Third Pin To Chain Of Two
  • Linking At The Curl End With Regular Pins
  • Linking The Hard Way
  • Hit Unking
  • The Disconnecting Chain
  • Magic Unlinking
  • Metal Through Metal
  • The Penetrating Pin
  • The Diminishing Pin
  • The Tube Vanish
  • The Vanishing Pin
  • String Escape
  • A Snappy Opening
  • Safety Pin Off Ribbon
  • Silver To Gold
  • Routining Suggestions
    • Routine No. 1
    • Routine No. 2
  • A Pin Miracle To Add To One Of Your Own Routines
  • Credits
  • 1972 Addition
    • Levi - Link
    • Balan - See
    • Slinky Link
    • Link - See
    • Pivot - Link
    • Snappy
    • Adjustment Of Key Pin

1st edition 1955; 1st digital edition 2015, 84 pages.
word count: 21502 which is equivalent to 86 standard pages of text

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