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The New Linking Pins
by Jerry Andrus


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The New Linking Pins by Jerry Andrus

Here Jerry reveals six effects with his famous Linking Pins. They are:

Spectators examine three safety pins and hand them back to the performer who immediately demonstrates that no matter how the pins are laid on the table they will invariably end up with all their opening sides facing the same direction. If the performer attempts to lay one of the pins down facing the wrong way it will flip itself over in front of the spectators eyes.

Next the pins are shown to repel each other violently when held in a certain way.

The three pins are layed flat on the table. Performer picks up one and immediately links it to one of the pins on the table. He lays the chain of two down, picks up the other pin and links it to them forming a chain of three.

Spectator blows on the chain and two of the pins drop off. Then, the two remaining pins separate.

Placed in the shape of a cross the pins again link themselves into a chain of three.

Two pins link while held by the spectator. Finally the pin linked onto the spectators pin is suddenly linked to the pin in the performer's hand instead.

1st edition 1955, 12 pages.
word count: 4749 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text