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Scalbert's Selected Secrets
by Geoffrey Scalbert

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Scalbert's Selected Secrets by Geoffrey Scalbert

From the foreword by Fred Castl:

He is a great student of Erdnase and I know of no one who knows more about "jog" shuffles than Geoff. He knows more forces than Annemann wrote about but he has also kept up with modern sleights and moves. The magician who wants long and involved routines will be unlucky when he reads this book, but what he will find will be tricks with a plot and methods simplified wherever possible to include the minimum of sleights but the maximum of effect, and I shall be very surprised if there is any magician who cannot find in this book something to use.

  • Publishers' Preface
  • Foreword
  • The Authors
  • After Dai Vernon
  • An Arabian Legend
  • The Sunken Key Again
  • Not Without Trace
  • Cardsharping Without Skill
  • Another Automatic Speller
  • Adolphus And His Gong
  • The Blind Deuces
  • Sunk....
  • Sunk Too
  • The Conjurer And The Stooge
  • The Stabbing Trick
  • Location Twenty-Six
  • 500 Dollar Location
  • The Milton Aces
  • Match
  • Matchmaking
  • Diception
  • P.S.E.
  • Oil And Queens
  • Nowhere And Everywhere
  • The Triple Voodoo
  • Elmsley And The Wolf
  • Voices In The Pack
  • Money For Jam
  • Mis-Made Diamonds
  • How The Deuce?
  • Cutting The Coloured Aces
  • Impromptu E.S.P. Again
  • The Fantastic Agent
  • Giant Bro. Hamman
  • Signature Tune
  • Mis-Made Diamonds Again
  • Printer's Error
  • Dicey
  • The Four Islands
  • Club Gambler
  • D.G.O.
  • A Demonstration Cull-Stock
  • Greekmanship Phoney Cull Stock - 1
  • Greekmanship Phoney Cull Stock - 2
  • The Mystery Of The Seventh Card
  • The Punched Cards For The Seventh Card
  • Scalbert's Master Mystery
  • An Untested Test
  • Scalbert's Musical Mystery
  • Reading A Nap Hand
  • Telling The Time
  • The Mystery Of The 3 Dice
  • Scalbert's Double Deal
  • Scalbert's Mystery Of The Zodiac
  • Mystery Of The Zodiac
  • The Mystery Of The Zodiac
  • Nikola Pairs
  • Mutus Memory
  • Divination Frame
  • Pocket Divination Stand
  • Eight Kings Play Nap
  • Scalbert's Express System
  • Scalbert's Express Cull Shuffles
  • The Royal Dice
  • Injog Only
  • Moffat's Brag Repeated
  • A Tribute To Collins
  • Greekmanship
  • Mystery Of The Fifth Card
  • Envoi

1st edition 1981, 185 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 187 pages.
word count: 66472 which is equivalent to 265 standard pages of text

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