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The Wandering Queens
by Devin Knight

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The Wandering Queens by Devin Knight

A card trick that is flashy and plays big, it is suitable for parlor or stage and requires no skill.

Four Queens are each seen in four glass tumblers facing outward. Each Queen is then turned back outward and returned to its glass. Three indifferent cards are placed in each glass with the first three Queens. The fourth Queen is left by herself in the fourth glass.

The performer waves his hands and the magic happens. The cards are removed from the first glass. There are only three cards, the Queen has vanished. This is repeated with the next two glasses. Finally, the card is removed from the fourth glass and found not to be a single card; but, amazingly the four Queens! At this point, everything can be examined, both cards and glasses. Nothing secretly added or taken away.

It is very visual and baffling. It looks impossible. It is based on the idea of a four-ace assembly, but this is improved by placing the playing cards into four glasses. You don't have to be an expert card man to perform this. The cool thing about this performance piece is that the cards are not lying on the table flat, but upright in four glasses. This allows for more visibility, as everyone sitting in the audience can see the cards. This makes for a very showy card effect.

There are positively no sleights of any kind. There are no false counts, stuck together cards, duplicate cards or double-face cards. The glasses are not gimmicked in anyway. In fact, you can do this effect impromptu using any borrowed cards and four identical glasses that will hold a playing card.

The beauty of this trick is that it gets more reaction than some of the more difficult card sleight tricks. This is one of the easiest tricks you will do, yet it appears impossible to any audience, as the cards are isolated within solid glasses. Suitable for beginners, as no skill is required. All you need is a deck of cards and four tumblers. Just follow the easy directions and create a miracle. Comes complete with logical patter story. Again, no Elmsley Count is used anywhere in the routine.

1st edition 2017, 6 pages.
word count: 1256 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Fabio Lombardi (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 24 February, 2018

Really nice trick for parlour or stage shows. It is easy to do, no gimmicks and I think for $3 is a good purchase.

Reviewed by Didier Dupre (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 29 December, 2017


The routine is simple. It reminds me of an effect of my late friend ALDO COLOMBINI. I like the idea...