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Scripted #24: Seeing cards with the Fingertips

by Larry Brodahl
#1 Patter, Plots & Scripts author
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Scripted #24: Seeing cards with the Fingertips by Larry Brodahl

Script(s) and full handling on a routine for finding cards with your fingertips. Plays for duos, or solo performers in parlor, stage, or even closeup. Performance video included.

Effect: The magician has 3 cards selected from a red deck. A spectator has also shuffled a blue deck. From that blue deck, the magician finds the exact same cards selected from the red deck using just his sensitive fingers.

A trick and variations on the script for:

  • a duo act where one person plays the mystic, and the other is an interpreter.
  • an act where the assistant gets the credit for doing the trick.
  • a solo act where the perform does the trick and the script.
  • an act where the assistant gets to say the lines, but does not do the trick.
  • where the performer does the trick as a solo routine.
This trick is suitable for parlor, stage, and close up.

1st edition 2019, 40 pages, video length 11 min 42 s
word count: 7093 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

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