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Scripted #42: Mentalism Fail-Safe
by Larry Brodahl

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Scripted #42: Mentalism Fail-Safe by Larry Brodahl

This product is included in Scripted #41: A Taste for Words.

In the event that a mentalism effect fails, this is a script, process, and handing that allows you to fairly easily switch tricks mid-stream, unnoticed by the audience, and still present a strong trick.

This was originally designed if [lp= Scripted #41: A Taste for Words] routine failed, but the technique can work for many mentalism routines.

Three different handlings, 2 scripts, and 1 core concept protects the mentalist from complete failure in many routines.

NOTE: This was also specifically written for parlor and stage, but could easily be done close up with appropriate handling changes.

1st edition 2024, PDF 35 pages.