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Dr. John D. Bain

Dr. John D. BainDr. John Dennis Bain is currently serving as the Bivocational Pastor of the Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama. He is also a computer IT specialist for NASA (out of the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama), author, and publisher.

Card Magic: a Svengali Deck Routine

Dr. John D. Bain
Card Magic: a Svengali Deck Routine by Dr. John D. Bain

The Svengali deck of cards is a specially prepared deck of playing cards (Poker-sized or Bridge-sized) that can be used by magicians or entertainers to perform various tricks. The deck and the tricks performed with it are assisted by its unique design and require almost no skill. It is based on a very old principle of entertaining deception and confidence game manipulation.

The cards of the deck can be flipped or riffled to create the illusion that the deck is completely ordinary. It can even be apparently mixed and shuffled. The trick involves a spectator choosing a card from the deck and...

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Back Palming

Dr. John D. Bain
Back Palming by Dr. John D. Bain

A detailed explanation and breakdown of how to back palm a playing card.

The author shows the aspiring card magician how to make playing cards appear and disappear from and into thin air using a sleight-of-hand technique known as back palming. Many photos assist in comprehending this at-first difficult-looking move. But with a bit of practice, it is within reach for any dedicated student.

This technique is typically used on stage but it can also delight in an impromptu setting close-up and it can be done with other thin flat objects besides playing cards, such as business cards, credit...

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Multiplying Golf Balls

Dr. John D. Bain
Multiplying Golf Balls by Dr. John D. Bain

You will not only learn the classic multiplying ball effect but also how to make the necessary props yourself, and in particular how to make the most important half-shell yourself.

The perfection of the effect does require skill, but the ardent practitioner will achieve success without great difficulty.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

My favorite magic trick involving the use of balls has always been the Multiplying Ball Trick. Here is a tutorial book that will show you how to secure the materials that are needed to make props for the trick and then how to perform the effect. I have...

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Tricks with the Double Lift

Dr. John D. Bain
Tricks with the Double Lift by Dr. John D. Bain

The Double Lift is a powerful move but it is also easy to do it wrong, meaning not deceptively. In this ebook, the author will show several ways to learn and effectively perform this sleight and how to perform a variety of card tricks using this technique.

  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Deck of Cards
  • The Grip
  • Methods for Performing the Double Lift
  • Some Card Tricks Using the Double Lift
    • Several color changes including the Scrub Board Change
    • Four Card Assembly
    • Wrong, Wrong Again
    • Name Your Card

1st edition 2015, PDF 46 pages.

★★★★ $2.99
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The Sphinx Volume 32 (Mar 1933 - Feb 1934)

John Mulholland
The Sphinx Volume 32 (Mar 1933 - Feb 1934) by John Mulholland


NO. 1: MARCH 1933
Silk Production Novelty. By Fred Mintz.5
Out Pops the Number Think of a Card. By R. V. Heath.6
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.6
Spirits Tricky. By B. M. L. Ernst.6
"Magicaal Fun-Nocracy". By George Schulte.6
A Letter to Harold. By Al Baker.6
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles.7
- Cones, Silks and Balls. By E. L. Briant.7
- The Mystery of T. By Joseph Rukus.7
- Color Changing Silk. By Joseph Rukus.7
- Surprise Silk Production. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Silk to Confetti. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Modernistic Dye Tube. By R. G. Caldron.8
Random Thoughts of a Magical...
★★★★★ $5
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Abbott Magic Catalog #23 1987

Recil Bordner
Abbott Magic Catalog #23 1987 by Recil Bordner

This catalog includes a price list.

1st edition 1987, 516 pages.

Reviewed by John D. Bain

Thank you for your wonderful service. I have received the digital download that you provided and am enjoying it immensely. The circumstances of my hard copy purchase - you are aware of - but your consideration and generosity have overcome the downside. My greatest gratitude. John D. Bain
★★★★★ $10
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Magic Magazine 1997

Stan Allen
Magic Magazine 1997 by Stan Allen...
  1. ... Wells
    • Cybercon
      1. Buffalo Gat-Together - David Drake
      2. Atlanta Harvest of Magic - Earle Christenberry
      3. Convention Calendar
  2. A Most Sympathetic Client - A Conversation With Borra - David Avadon
    • A Pickpocket Primer
    • Esquire on Borra
  3. 1996: A 'Peak' Year - John Moehring
    • TV Magic ... Without David There Were Nine
    • Curtains 'Up'
    • Leaving Las Vegas ... Viva Las Vegas
    • A Magical Year To Celebrate
    • Publishing in '96
  4. Cover: David Copperfield: Dreams & Nightmares - Stan Allen
    • The Martin Beck
  5. Monday Night Magic! - Anthony Owens...
★★★★★ $25
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Tops Volume 1 (1936)

Percy Abbott
Tops Volume 1 (1936) by Percy Abbott...
  1. ...
  2. I'm Telling You - H. Adrian Smith
    • Magic Through A Key-hole
  3. Letter to "Tops" from Clifford Hard
  4. Letter to "Tops" from Dr. Duncanson
  5. Tops and Bottoms in Magic - Harry E. Cecil
  6. A Simple, Effective, Cigarette Move - Robert Wedertz
  7. My Favorite Pocket Trick - Fred C. Field
  8. Out of Sight - John Goodrum
    • A Useful Change-Over
    • Another Change-Over
  9. A Bit of Hocus Pocus - Eddie Clever
  10. The Patriotic 20th Century - Joseph Bukus
  11. Marvelo Says - Lester Lake
  12. Our Nobel Prize For Today
    • Fred W. Gorman
  13. Listen In - Tricks-Tips and News - U. F. Grant
  14. Sid Lorraine's Chatter ...
★★★★★ $4
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New Tops Volume 6 (1966)

Neil Foster
New Tops Volume 6 (1966) by Neil Foster...
  1. ...
    • ... Illustration for Eternity - Rev. Carl Gammel
    • David and Goliath - Rev. Carl Gammel
    • Harvey and the Soldier - Rev. Carl Gammel
    • Golden Spider - Rev. Carl Gammel
  2. Twenty-Five Years Ago in "Tops"
    • T&I Fake Mental Act - Teral & Ina Garrett
  3. New Act
    • Gerald Joseph Fabjance to John & Stevie Fabjance
  4. The Action Lift (The Turn Around) - Edward Marlo
  5. Conjuring with Cards - Nick Trost
    • You Duplicate
    • It's All the Same to Me!
  6. London Notes - Wilford Hutchinson, Jr.
  7. Dollar Bill Gags - Sid Lorraine
  8. Tops Photo Quiz & Answer to Last Month's Photo Quiz
  9. Poet's Corner - Marie Antoinette Dornfield
    • If Winter Comes & So Forth ...
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