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Secrets' Weapons
by Gerard Zitta


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Secrets' Weapons by Gerard Zitta

Do you think people really care if you find a coin is heads, or in their left hand?? They rather are impressed if you guess their secrets or if they lie.

Intro/Basic effect: You meet a complete stranger. They think of somebody, or something, or a place you can not possibly know. Anything. And then, they think of a secret, a statement about this person, this object or this place that is either true or false. You (or the audience) will then ask only one question, not related to the statement, and will know instantly if the statement is true or not.

Heads or Tails: You find out if they lie or not (and also if a coin is Heads or Tails)

Truth or Lie: You just find if they lie or not.

Red or Black: A spectator thinks of a card, and you detect if they lie or not about this card (for instance its color).

Think of anything: With this you can reduce the possibilities from billions of possibilities to only half of it (-:.

Think of somebody: idem (-;

Crossing: You ask a spectator to openly write a statement on a business card, and you guess if it is true or not.

The sign of the fish: Same as "crossing", but with a different method of detection with coins.

The trick that fooled Einstein...even more: A follow up (Thanks to Al Koran)

Truth Liar bet: You always win of course.

Your money or your life: A spectator takes any coin out of their purse, and you predicted not only the coin, but also Heads or Tails.

Bank Note: You write a prediction on a banknote and put it on the table, or keep it in your fist. The spectator must think of something that is either a lie or a true statement. When they open the banknote, it says: "You lied" (or "You said the truth")

Svengali, and The spy who came in from the cold: Two simple but powerful tools that allow one to know if the participant is a liar or not.

Thelma and Louise: A simple example (prediction), using the final scene of the movie, to introduce the principle.

A man and a woman 1: A puzzling experiment on telepathy. The spectator as an actor improvising a scene. They select a card (among four to a dozen or more), that represent different plots. The cards are not marked...), and they try to transmit everything on it. Without any question, you guess many things about their card (language (FR or UK for instance), actor (man or woman), the role they play (Love or doubt for instance), right or left, answer Yes or No, ...

A man and a woman 2: Same as before, but with lie detection. (Uses the same cards as before). Again, no question asked... They select any card and you start guessing it.

A man and a woman 3: A variant with less cards

Clap! A presentation that allows to easily adapt this routine to other movies.

Left Brain/Right Brain: Another variant that is a mix of logic and body language techniques that are very little known (or used, at least).

Brain cold reading: You show 8 cards that represent all possibilities for the human beings. The spectator selects one that represents the most, his or her personal case, without showing. Without any question, you start describing their card (and their character, their tastes). You can even do body tests at the end, and show that you predicted them in advance.

1st edition 2017, 80 pages.
word count: 18792 which is equivalent to 75 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Sarin Suriyakoon
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 07 September, 2017

A lot of killer effects are written in this ebook. Most of them are easy to do and impromptu. If you never try this type of effects you should take a look. If you have used this type of technique, Gerard Zitta provides you a clever way to ask only one question and instantly know important information (Better way than his previous release. The improvement make the effect much more easier to do over the phone). Also, I like the variety of presentation ideas given in this release. Highly Recommended!