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Sharp Sorcery
by Les Sharps

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Sharp Sorcery by Les Sharps

Routines for the stand-up magician.

From the introduction by Wm. G. Stickland:

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, we have the answer to the volume of offbeat magical effects which have emanated from the brains of these two enthusiasts in recent years, for living so far from magic activities (except those they have themselves organised) and magic dealers, they have been forced, in their desire to keep up-to-date, to originate their own effects. For several years the contribution of Les Sharps have been features of the British Ring Parade in each Christmas "Linking Ring", and in addition they have provided the material for their own Parade. I am pleased that some of the outstanding effects of these Parades, and other previously unpublished material, are to be given to the magicians at large in "Sharp Sorcery". The book contains magic of all types, and the "Dove Circus" is an act in itself. Who will be the first to combine some of the effects in this with the more popular dove production? The doves are magically produced and then perform on the various apparatus described in 'Part 2'. This is an idea some reader might adopt to advantage.

  • LES SHARPS George and Alfred Sharpies
  • By the Authors
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Section One: CARD EFFECTS
    • Cards in Transit
    • Sympathetic Cards
    • The Changing Cards
    • Following Suits
    • Divination
    • Telepathic Card
    • Hallucinating Card
  • Section Two: DOVE EFFECTS
    • That Top Hat
    • Transistorised
    • Cage-a-Dove
    • Framed Alive
    • Frames of Mystery
    • Les Sharps Dove Circus
    • Milky Dove
  • Section Three: MENTAL EFFECTS
    • Royalty in Cards
    • The Mysterious Four
    • What Number?
    • A Mental Card Effect
    • Triple Prediction
  • Section Four: MISCELLANEOUS
    • Flora-Silks
    • Rope-a-Silk
    • Les Sharps Cylinder
    • The Basket of Flowers
    • Nancy the Sailor's Daughter
    • The Spectrum

1st edition 1977, 76 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 64 pages.
word count: 14658 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text