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Significant Coincidences
by Renzo Grosso

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Significant Coincidences by Renzo Grosso

The performer chooses three spectators from the audience and asks them to choose numbers. There are so many effects like this. The news is that, finally, I managed to insert the Fibonacci series into an effect. Then I had to work on the screenplay to avoid noticing the only moment in which I "see" the audience numbers: but I think I succeeded.

Basically, for collaborators and the public, I give them a sheet, I have them write numbers, and then do various calculations; at the end, I use the number they obtained for other calculations, using a second principle. In the end, if I've been a good actor (and spy), I guess the number that has been obtained, and I don't need to insist, they don't understand how I managed to get any information.

I perform this routine on stage or parlour with an audience that can vary from 15 to hundreds of people; it is a routine of sure effect, which must be accompanied by equipment that can enhance its power and effectiveness. The equipment I suggest is the result of continuous checks, made with the first shows, to arrive at the optimal condition, which I suggest here.

  • Each spectator receives a folder and a marker, and a table of 10 rows and two columns drawn on the first; 3 tickets (white or colored, or post-it, about 15x9 cm) for each spectator.
  • Two flipcharts; the first to attach the colored post-its, with the numbers calculated by the spectators, and the second where the tickets for the final phase will then move
  • Notes A4 format, for the performer
  • Extra large tip markers for sums on whiteboards

1st edition 2023, PDF 21 pages.
word count: 3221 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text