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Simple Conjuring Tricks

by Will Goldston
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Simple Conjuring Tricks by Will Goldston

As the title suggests, this is a collection of simple magic tricks, stunts, and experiments separated in two parts. The first part teaches tricks which require no special apparatus, the second part teaches tricks which require some gimmick or apparatus.

  • Introduction
  • Part I: Tricks Without Apparatus
    • The Movable Fetters
    • A String Trick
    • The Paper Loops
    • How To Make A Paper Tree
    • Making A Basket
    • The Magic String
    • The Wonderful Die
    • The Broken Match
    • Picking Up The Ring
    • The Penny And The Paper
    • A Match Trick
    • Balancing The Penny
    • The Revolving Penny
    • Flicking The Card
    • Squeezing The Shilling
    • The Brush That Won't Brush
    • The Hidden Coin
    • Where's The Coin?
    • The Disguised Apple
    • The Floating Hat
    • The Magic Join
    • Lighting Safety-Matches
    • Ring And String Trick
    • Pulling The Strings
    • A Knife Trick
    • The Marked Matches
    • Swallowing A Knife
    • The Court Cards
    • Raising The Disc
    • Juggling With Pennies
  • Part II: Tricks With Apparatus
    • The Disappearing Egg
    • The Sweets Trick
    • The Vanishing Penny
    • A Penny Trick
    • The Electrified Penny
    • The Hanging Cards
    • The Disappearing Penny
    • The Torn Card
    • Where Is The Penny?
    • The Empty Tumbler
    • The Vanishing Sixpence
    • Passing A Sixpence
    • The Vanishing Penny
    • The Trick Finger
    • Making An Egg
    • A Hat Trick
    • Figure Trickery
    • The Dancing Skeleton
    • Biting The Candle
    • The Box Of Corks
    • The Magic Box
    • Threading The Pencil
    • The Candle And The Handkerchief
    • The Coloured Handkerchiefs
    • Vanishing A Handkerchief
    • The Invisible Handkerchief
    • The Jumping Card
    • A Card Trick
    • The Card Rose
    • The Rising Cards
    • The Climbing Cards
    • Changing The Cards
    • The Disappearing Wand
    • The Confetti Shower
    • An Optical Illusion
    • The Vanishing Tumbler
    • Balancing The Handkerchief
    • The Burnt Handkerchief
    • Another Torn Card

1st edition 1915, 124 pages; PDF 80 pages.
word count: 24095 which is equivalent to 96 standard pages of text

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