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Sleightly Easier
by Ken de Courcy


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Sleightly Easier by Ken de Courcy

A book of alternative, easier, card sleights and tricks to go with them.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Many of the basic card sleights are not easy to do well. Take the Two-Handed Pass in which the top and bottom halves of the pack are transposed. The objective is to do it invisibly, which is just about impossible. To cover the action some very strong misdirection is required ... or an alternative method. This little book is about such alternative methods ... easier ways to bring about the same results. But because sleights, in themselves, are useless, I've endeavoured to include a few tricks so they can be utilised.

  • Yet Another One!!!!
  • Introduction
  • The Pass
  • The Rotary Pass
  • The Book Pass
  • The Thatcher Wand
  • Middle To Top (Iii)
  • The Aeroplane
  • The Fan Force
  • A Card Change Third Time Lucky
  • The False Cut
  • 'X'-Ing The Cut
  • The Handy Cut
  • It's The Cut That Counts
  • The Glimpse
  • The (Un)Marked Pack
  • The Rotary Double-Lift
  • Third Party
  • The De Courcy Bottom Palm
  • Smash And Grab
  • Thanks To Berglas

1st edition 1989, 35 pages; PDF 33 pages.
word count: 9112 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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