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Snip-Snip Want Ad Test
by Ulysses Frederick Grant

#2 Illusions, Escape & Stage author

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Snip-Snip Want Ad Test by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The Snip-Snip Want Ad Test is the a sensational, simplified, baffling and easy to present effect. No switching, palming, sleight of hand or advance preparation is needed. Guard the secret well. I have seen professional mentalists pay $100 and more for secrets far inferior to this. Your audience will not believe it. Neither would you if you were not in on the secret.

Effect: A single column of want ads cut from any newspaper is freely shown. It is not gimmicked or prepared in any way. Holding the strip vertically, you start to snip ads from the bottom of the strip, one at a time, until a spectator says for you to stop. The strip is immediately handed to him with the request that he read the last ad on the strip, the one at which he stopped you. It is found to correspond exactly with a prediction which you wrote before the show and which you had placed in full view before the start of the effect! If desired, you can even mail your sealed prediction to the entertainment chairman or some prominent person, a week or two prior to the show.

1st digital edition 2017, 3 pages.
word count: 718 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Trevor Fletcher (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 08 March, 2017

I thought I was getting a new idea with this purchase. Maybe I should have read the 'fine print'. I have known this method since before I started getting into the performing side of mentalism/magic. If you know a method for this effect that can be done impromptu, this is probably the same one.

However, if this effect is new to you, then by all means, grab this one right now, it IS a great method for a nice effect. I just expected a new/different method is all.