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Spell-Binder Part 2: 10 effects from volume 1
by Aldo Colombini

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Spell-Binder Part 2: 10 effects from volume 1 by Aldo Colombini


  • CATCHER$ (David Britland): A card is selected and replaced. You place the two black Aces on the top and on the bottom of the deck. You throw the deck and between the two Aces the selection appears.
  • RINGO (Stephen Tucker): A ring is placed in a cup. The middle of a piece of rope is lowered into the cup and the ring appears on the rope (only one ring used and it can be borrowed).
  • DARK REVELATION (Eoin Taylor): A spectacular way to produce a selected card. A deck is covered with a handkerchief. When the handkerchief is removed the card is face up on top.
  • VARIATIONS VARIANT (Roger Curzon): This fantastic routine combines two classics of magic: Between The Palms and Point Of Departure.
  • FLASH (Mark Russell): A revelation of a Royal Flush (or any five cards) very pleasing to the eye.
  • FANTASIA (Stephen Tucker): A stunning routine. Four cards are selected, these four cards are seen to be predicted by you. The cards are the only ones with a red back in the blue deck and, at the end, the entire deck turns blank. Easy to do.
  • KONTRACT KILLER KARDS (Stephen Tucker): Four Killer Kards (the four Kings) capture one selected card with surprising effects along the way.
  • AMERICAN EXPRESS (Stephen Tucker): A transposition of two cards and a coin.
  • BLOOD-MONEY (Stephen Tucker): A coin penetrates your hand and some blood appears on the coin as a result of the penetration.
  • SIAMESE DECK (Paul Brignall): A deck made up of red and blue cards is shown. You pick a card from one half and a spectator picks a card from the other half. The two cards match.

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