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Super Mentality
by Robert A. Nelson


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Super Mentality by Robert A. Nelson

Now you, too, can present an impromptu demonstration of super power memory. Do it any time, any place. A terrific publicity stunt!

From ten to 100 articles are called out by spectators and memorized by the performer, in their proper sequence. The performer can call out the items in sequence, forward, then backward. The performer gives the number of any item in the list. If a number is called out, the performer can also call out the item at that position. Five (or more) dollar bills are submitted, spectators calling aloud the serial numbers. The performer immediately memorizes the numbers, which are later recalled in order.

The names of a large number of guests at a party or gathering can be instantly memorized at the first introduction. The performer may recall the guests' names later in the evening, with perfect confidence. Technical or difficult words are memorized in a like manner. Cities, states, populations, streets, addresses and numbers are instantly catalogued in the mind, and can be recalled days later.

The Super-Mentality Publicity Tour: The performer walks several square blocks in a local city, memorizing the contents or general merchandise in every store window, repeating same at the conclusion of the walk in proper sequence.

Card Counting (Gambling) Demonstration: The performer is able to memorize the correct sequence of a borrowed, shuffled deck of playing cards, as the cards are called out by a spectator. The sequence is memorized forwards and backwards. A card may be named, and the performer is able to state its location from the top of the deck. Or a number may be called, and the performer is able to recall the card at this position. This is en excellent stage or club demonstration in itself.

All of these, and many more, feats are possible with Super-Mentality. This ebook teaches how to accurately and easily memorize (with very little effort). Any person of average intelligence can learn their first list of 20 words, and understand, apply and perform this feat, using the basic principles, within 30 minutes of reading the instructions. Your own mind is the only apparatus needed. No assistant needed -- this is a legitimate, one-person demonstration.

"I recently purchased Super-Mentality. It is terrific -- I see no room for improvement. I really believe it is under-priced for the value received and the effect on any audience." - M. Jansen

"Super-Mentality is one act that is well worth the price, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it to any magician or mentalist. I am going to use it as the main feature in my mental act, as I feel confident that it will be a decided hit." -Clettis V. Musson

1st edition 1950; PDF 66 pages.
word count: 15812 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text