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The Art of Cold Reading
by Robert A. Nelson


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The Art of Cold Reading by Robert A. Nelson

The secret book of the mental profession that teaches the mentalist or psychic to "read" a person "cold" with no gimmicks, no advance knowledge, and no preparation.

The Art of Cold Reading is the learned ability to cleverly read another "from the cradle to the grave" - and without important error. It is amazingly easy - if you understand the technique and methods. Possess it and you are always prepared to give readings - any time, anywhere, for fun or for profit.

The inner secrets of "cold reading" have been closely held and guarded for many years. Knowledge of this kind has been passed down from generation to generation, and seldom found in print until Nelson released the original work.

Much of this secret information was taken from the inner sanctums of leading psychic readers - based upon years of successful experience - not armchair theory or pipe dreams. Through Nelson's own close association with the mental and psychic profession was he able to obtain the "real work," as contained here. Includes complete script and additional paragraphs of "add-on" material to produce a customized reading for most any situation.

Don't take our word for it--check out what the experts are saying:

Dwight F. Damon says: "I have right here with me, 'The Art of Cold Reading,' which I feel is a terrific book."

Charles Johansen says: "I want to tell you how much I like your book, 'The Art of Cold Reading!' The book contains very good and useful material."

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 557 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1951; 77 pages.
word count: 20091 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text