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Sweet Card
by Nefesch

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Sweet Card by Nefesch

A sweet revelation of a selected card. The Magician offers a beverage to the spectator. The spectator selects a card and the magician explains to him that he found out that cold beverages are much better if you add some sugar to them. The reaction of the sugar causes the sugar to form the shape of the selected card at the inside bottom of the glass.

An alternative presentational angle could be that you have caused some of that massive amount of sugar already in the soft drink to fall out at the bottom and form an image of the selected card.

No matter how you want to spin the story, this is a unique revelation of a forced card which would be particularly appropriate in a restaurant or bar setting. You might scoff: "Pahh just a force and a revelation." Yes, true, a force and a revelation but most good effects are like that. It is all in the presentation. With a force a unique revelation and a good presentation you can create a miracle. You don't need those triple cover riffle passes with the retention depth illusion. Once you have appreciated that fine difference, Sweet Card is a sweet idea.

1st edition 2008.

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