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by José Prager


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Swipeit by José Prager

Remote viewing, mind reading, song revelations, predictions and more... All with an iPhone or iTouch. (Some Android phones can be used for this too).

Swipeit is impromptu, can be performed with a spectator's phone and no special apps or software are needed. Absolutely no funny or illogical moves are involved.

Also featuring additional creative routines and ideas from the minds of Ran Pink, Mauricio Jaramillo and Paul Carnazzo that will give you plenty of concepts to experiment with.

Have an easy remote viewing routine and some very powerful mind reading effects at hand any time you meet someone. This is direct and organic mentalism!


  • SwipeIt using songs, tweets, contacts, iBook tests and numbers.
  • Hands-off Swipeit by Mauricio Jaramillo
  • Words by Mauricio Jaramillo
  • Map by Mauricio Jaramillo
  • Lego of my Brain by Ran Pink
  • Side-Swiped by Paul Carnazzo
  • iShiner by Paul Carnazzo
  • iThumper by Mauricio Jaramillo
What they are saying about SwipeIt:

"Subtle, clever and real-world practical." - Ben Harris

"This is highly sneaky, effective, and exceptionally useful. José has basically found a way to apply *** ********'s **** ***** to the iPhone, which makes it infinitely more flexible than just using it with a *****. Okay, so I can't reveal any of the hidden words without exposing what's going on, but knowledgeable mentalists will get it when they read the manuscript. The point is, it's a concept that has been proven to be effective, and used in its earlier form by many performers. The potential offered by using it with an iPhone is simply vast and inspiring. As I was reading one of the options, my first thought was, "Hey, that would be a good addition to something I already do!" Then a few pages later, I laughed when I got to the part that basically said, "If you know this Joshua Quinn effect, you'll see how to use SwipeIt with it..." So I've made arrangements with José to write up a new version of that effect, making use of the specific advantages that SwipeIt offers, for inclusion in the manuscript. I'll just come out and say it: I think most ways I've seen people use mobile devices for mentalism are just flat-out awful. SwipeIt is a rare exception. If you want to know the right way to perform mentalism with a mobile device, so that it becomes a transparent tool rather than a suspicious prop, this is it." - Joshua Quinn

"Jose has stumbled upon a wonderful concept that allows for truly impromptu remote viewing. When I first found out about this method, I was very impressed, so many ideas immediately sprung to mind. I loved this idea so much that I even contributed a few ideas I've performed very often. Like Joshua said, this is indeed the rare exception when it comes to performing with a smartphone, a completely logical and natural handling without the use of special and suspicious apps. Here you won't just get a method, but rather a whole toolkit of ideas to present at any time. Great job Jose!" - Mauricio Jaramillo

"I'll admit - when I first heard about SwipeIt, I had my doubts. As Joshua mentioned above, a lot of iPhone mentalism available on the market just doesn't come across as convincing. With these other effects & apps, a skeptical/intelligent audience member would be quick to attribute your "abilities" to some sort of special app...and they'd be right! While I do find certain apps clever, I would not consider them to be convincing displays of mentalism. When I heard that SwipeIt could be performed with a borrowed phone, I took the plunge given the low price. As soon as I had a look at the manuscript and associated method, I was instantly pleased. It was truly one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments. As with much of Jose's work, the method is rather ingenious and the effect simple to perform (from a technical standpoint). Still, I didn't know if I would ever use this as I prefer to go low-tech. I eventually decided to try out SwipeIt and the reaction was wonderful. Enter the next generation of SwipeIt with contributions from Mauricio Jaramillo, Paul Carnazzo and Ran Pink. This updated version is much more comprehensive and includes some excellent subtleties. In addition, it contains a slew of variations from some of mentalism's most fertile minds. While I enjoyed all of the included material, I consider Paul Carnazzo's contributions to be a wonderful added bonus. Some of Paul's material strays from SwipeIt's core methodology, but it is every bit as clever. If Paul wanted, I'm sure he could sell his added routines as a separate item and they would do very well. For your hard-earned cash, you receive a (approximately) 50 page eBook covering everything you need to know about SwipeIt...and much more. Everything is explained clearly & concisely, the layout is well done and the material is top notch. I have no issues recommending this to anyone who wants to add an excellent piece to his or her impromptu mentalism repertoire. Highly recommended." - Tony Brandonisio

"Jose allowed me to take a peek at this back in late November 2011. Then, I thought it was fantastic and a PERFECT co-pilot with Geraint Clark's FATE. He's now finely tuned this method into something completely diabolical and this eBook does this method complete justice! The layout of the eBook is one of beauty, from the clear illustrations to the graphic design. Second, the instruction is crystal clear from the main effect to the brilliant contributions from other artists. You will have this up and going very shortly after reading this. And that brings up another point. This is a PERFECT example of "off the cuff" mentalism. That being said, and I believe Jose states this in the notes, its not a "trick". It should not be used as such. Look at a picture - I tell you what picture is. Really strive to make a CONNECTION with this effect. Its THEIR phone, THEIR memories, THEIR friends! What else could you want? Add some gentle cold reading and you can solidify a memory for a lifetime. Make. This. Real. for them." - illusioneer from

"I just finished reading this and let me just say I was very impressed with the effects that you can achieve with swipeit. No special apps and the phone can be anyone's iphone and the presentations and effects that swipeit can achieve are near limitless. Having my own methods and work with this plot I assumed I knew the method, but I was way wrong. José method is ingenious and one that was so simple and effective that I wanted to kick myself for not coming up with something so devious and let me reiterate S.I.M.P.L.E. And simple magic that leads to endless possibilities is in my opinion the best magic you can offer anyone. I have already started working on different book tests on ipad with the swipeit methods taught and other mentalism related routines. The other techniques and methods given by the contributing artists listed above in the first post are also very good and very well thought out and I will be tweaking some to fit my style of performance but all in all be performing. This ebook is one that anyone who wants the ability to perform as close to real magic with absolutely nothing on you and at a momentary notice then this will I predict go into every one of your performing repitoir. And anyone who wants the ability to get information secretly from the spectator and use it to amaze them then this will also go into your working repitoir. José really discovered a piece of magic that every performer could benefit in some way in todays technological world and have something up your sleeve anytime any place, ready to blow spectators away. Good job and keep your genius ideas coming José!" - Jordan Johnson

"I thought I'd write a quick review of this, but I can't. Yet. I opened the file last night with the intention of going through it and then setting down my views. Instead of setting down I found myself picking up. Picking up my iphone and working on this unreal technique that Jose came up with. And even before I had it right, I began playing with some of his ideas, and those of his excellent contributors, on how to use it. Then, with mind racing but body stalled, I went to bed. Which means my review will be a little late. But my general opinion of what Jose has given us here. A classic!" - gmeister from

"I concur with all the positive reviews for Jose's Swipeit. Like most of the "why didn't I think of that, ideas", they tend to be simple, but also, as in this case, there're also very effective. Phone apps tend to raise suspicion with many people now, and that is why this is so devilishly clever. No app involved, and you CAN/DO use a borrowed phone. It won't take a long time to get this handling down, and when you do, it does become an "anytime anywhere" effect, once there is a phone available of course. The other routines are a real bonus, and add even more "bang for your buck" with this purchase. One of my favourites would be Paul Carnazzo's contribution, excellent thinking, and very strong. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has the right type of phone, or is familiar with workings of same. All in all, clever thinking, great contributions and very usable material." - Robbie from

1st edition 2011, 3 pages + video; 2nd edition 2012, 42 pages.
word count: 8231 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Bradley (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 06 June, 2012

I purchased the original short manuscript for SwipeIt when it was first released and I have now had the chance to read this new, updated edition.

First of all I found the new technique for the secret move to be great and I love how it looks much cleaner than the original version.

As well many of the contributions are great. I particularly enjoyed Mauricio Jaramillo's contribution "Words" and have been playing around with his principle for a while now. Also "iShiner" and "iThumper" are great ways of using the iPhone as a utility device for different effects.

All in all this is a great ebook and well worth the price. I will be using SwipeIt for Remote Viewing and Ebook tests the next time I get the chance.

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