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by Scott Creasey


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Switcher-Vope by Scott Creasey

ENVELOPE noun: A flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document.

SWITCH noun: The act of changing to or adopting one thing in place of another.

TRANSPARENCY noun: The characteristic of being easy to see through.

SWITCHER-VOPE noun: A combination of all three elements.

If you do a search online for billet switching apparatus, you will come across a variety of devices the majority of which seem to be boxes of different shapes and sizes ranging from cardboard to perspex and antiqued oak. Some of these boxes are ingenious, some extremely expensive and some look like what they are, a magicians prop.

If however you are working for a smaller audience or even a large audience where you only need to switch out between 10 - 30 billets, then surely it would be more natural to use an envelope rather than a suspicious looking box. Welcome to Switcher-Vope.

In this thirty minute video Scott shares the quick and simple manufacturing process using a window or non window envelope to manufacture his Switcher-Vope, along with his own handling for this very versatile billet switching device, which combines the innocence of a standard envelope with the transparency of a a clear force bag.

"Okay, I feel Scott should just have my Paypal password and just take any money he needs whenever he comes out with something. The Switcher-vope is another great tool that he presents. Not only does he show you the workings, how to make one, but he also provides useful tips and ways of making them with any envelope. Oh, boy, another Creasey Creation that will work wonders in many acts. Just buy everything he puts out. It's much easier that way." - Greg Arce

"Another great release from Scott Creasey. I now have something like 20 videos and ebooks from Scott, and I treasure all of them. Scott is truly a genius." - Stunninger

"This is embarrassingly good! I really hope this one is never seen on TV or the is that good. Scott provided me, quite by chance, a better solution to an effect that requires this sort of switch. I had a perfectly good envelope solution. But this is so clean and convicting, I am changing to this approach." - J. Streiff

1st edition 2017, length 32 min

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