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Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up
by Scott Creasey

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Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up by Scott Creasey

Inspired by Greg Arce's stage routine 'Awe-Sum Total' which in turn was inspired by Larry Becker's 'Sum total. Scott has taken Greg's original (with his permission) and adapted it for close-up table hopping without losing the impact of the original.

Five, five digit numbers are displayed to the audience as a prediction. These numbers remain in full view throughout the routine and are not switched. The audience generates a random six-digit number in the hundreds of thousands, no forcing. The five prediction numbers are added together by an audience member using the calculator on his phone. The total matches the random generated number.

No finger flinging, no memory work, no complicated calculations, fast reset and worked from your pockets.

"I've always been proud of this routine. I know it's devastated many a spectator and even mentalists. I love how Scott has taken the subtlety and method and turned it into a fantastic close-up routine. It takes very little space in your pocket yet will play like a monster routine. Scott always amazes me with his construction of effects and methods. You are going to be thrilled when you see what he has put together." - Greg Arce

"Was chuckling before I got to the method. Very nice Mr Creasey" - Peter Arcane

"Bought it, tried it, loved it!" - Ian Howarth

"This is very good. So clean" - J Taylor

"Like all of Scott's work that I've seen, this is simple and innocent, and will play pretty strong. It's a nice adaptation of the more deceptive math-based effects around." - Dave Dodds

"Seemingly impossible, very deceptive and yet quite easy to do, "Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up" is another great release from Scott is a genius at making effects so deceptive yet simple to do at the same time....Well done!" - Stunninger

1st edition 2017, length 28 min

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