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With the Eyes of Dr. Reese
by Robert A. Nelson


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With the Eyes of Dr. Reese by Robert A. Nelson

Here is a miraculous, "test conditions" billet reading method that is both fiendishly clever and imminently practical. Leave it to the fertile brain of Bob Nelson to develop a billet test as good as this!

The sitter writes any question on a slip of paper and folds it tightly. She drops this into a glass tumbler. Sitter then takes her own handkerchief and places same over mouth of glass. A rubber band is used to snap around the edge of glass, holding the handkerchief in place.

The glass, containing the spectator's billet, is left standing on a table throughout the test. The performer picks up an unprepared pad and pencil that have been laying on the table and crosses the room, where he proceeds to get a mental impression. He writes down the answer to the spectator's question and shares it with the spectator.

After question is answered, the sitter herself may remove the handkerchief from glass. The spectator opens her billet and verifies that everything is OK.

Remember that the spectator may write the question on her own paper, brought from home, if she cares to. There is only one paper pellet used no switches or dummies are used at any point in the routine. Can be performed with two or even three sitters at one time, with the performer getting the correct mental vibrations from all three spectators.

Now, get this: NO gimmicked pads. NO gimmicked writing instruments. NO one-ahead. NO assistant required. NO impression methods. NO force. NO stooges. NO electronics. NO magnets. NO center tear. The spectator's ACTUAL BILLET is returned at the conclusion of the reading.

Yes, there is a gimmick; one that Nelson has repurposed for the purposes of this outstanding mental mystery. Chances are, you may already own it. If not, it is readily available online. It can also be constructed by most anyone handy with tools. Instructions for creating your own improved version--better than you can buy--are also included.

Long unavailable, this is the caliber of top-notch mentalism or pseudo-mediumistic reading that will create a sensation wherever it is performed. Dr. Reese made headlines coast to coast with his billet readings. Now you can, too!

Are you a Nelson collector? This was Item Number 195 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog. Now you can fill that missing spot in your collection.

1st edition 1927, PDF 16 pages.
word count: 5427 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text