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Tapping Into Your Creative Flow
by Brian Richards


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Tapping Into Your Creative Flow by Brian Richards

If you believe that either somebody is creative or not and that there is nothing you can do to increase your creativity then this is not an ebook you want to read. However, if you do believe that you can improve your creativity, or if you are at least curious of how one would go about doing that, then I highly recommend you read this ebook by Brian Richards.

This ebook is not a generic self-help book. It directly addresses the magician and the specific needs and questions a magician has. It is also a very honest and down to earth book. Brian does not promise you that by simply reading it you will already be more creative. No, you will have to take action. However, Brian will tell you exactly what actions you need to take. He does that with a set of exercises which will get you to do something that will make you a more creative magician.

Besides the ebook you will also get three audio files in MP3 format which supplement the ebook.

  • Introduction
  • Exercise #1: Who Is Brian Richards? References Given Without Request.
  • Exercise #2: I Hate Philosophy, So Here Are The Facts According to Richards.
  • Exercise #3: The Most Important Tool In Magic...Standing out from the competition.
  • Exercise #4: Useful Worksheets (Keys to establishing your one of a kind show).
  • Exercise #5: Sharpening Your Creative Edge
  • Exercise #6: The Internet As A Tool For Creative Research
  • Exercise #7: A Diamond In The Rough Could Just Be A Piece Of Coal!
  • Exercise #8: The Self-Actualized Magician
  • Exercise #9: Ego And the Creative Process
  • Exercise #10: Mentoring: How to become a magical Superhero
  • Exercise #11: Creative Effects
  • Exercise #12: Creative Visualization & You
  • Exercise #13: A Shove In The Back...hardcore motivation.
  • Exercise #14: A Journey Within
  • Final Opinion

1st edition 2011; 104 pages + 3 audio files

Reviewed by Brian Richards
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 14 May, 2011


I love your book. A refreshing work on creativity. I hope every magician reads it. I am more than happy to offer this through my website.

Best, Chris....