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The Abnormal Lift: and other abnormalities
by David Numen


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The Abnormal Lift: and other abnormalities by David Numen

One could hardly ask for a more visual demonstration of unusual mental powers. For an astonishing few moments, the universal laws of physics are seemingly displaced. Four volunteers, using only two fingertips each, somehow lift a seated adult from his chair high into the air as though he were made of Styrofoam. And no one is more astonished than the lifters themselves, considering that moments before the sitter was as immovable as a couple hundred pounds of dead weight ought to be. What's more, the phenomenon is completely under the control of the performer who can turn the power on and off as easily as flipping a light switch.

How does it work? No one actually knows. Theories have been advanced, but none have been proven. In fact, these theories are disproven by David Numen's considerable experience with the Lift. Real mystery surrounds the Abnormal Lift. No one seems to know who invented it or even how old it is. Nevertheless, through countless performances of the Lift in his bar in Spain, David believes he has discovered secrets about the Lift that, at the very least, greatly enhance both its reliability and its impact. The Lift is his go-to effect, an ultra-visual demonstration of 'psychic' phenomena requiring nothing more than a chair and a handful of people.

Presented properly, the Abnormal Lift can have a profound impact. David has attained nearly cult status in his small town doing the Lift for patrons in his bar. The Lift is his baby. And now it can be yours. For the first time, David is sharing the methods and techniques born from his unique, extensive experience with the Lift that will guarantee a successful and memorable performance, every time. Indeed, the Lift is so powerful that your other material, if you choose to do other material, had best be exceptionally strong to compete with it.

It was hardly love at first sight for David. He has hazy memories of some family members doing the lift for him in the 1970s but he was properly introduced to the Lift as a teenager in the early 1980s, and whilst it was puzzling the potential of it made no real impact on him. At the time, he was crazy into card magic. Over time, however, the Lift 'found' him and, in a real sense, accompanied him during a period of personal growth. It would not be overstating things to say that his experience with the Lift has been a metaphor for his own self-examination and personal evolution.

It is easy to dismiss the Abnormal Lift as a party stunt, and not an entirely reliable one at that. Anyone who has tried the Lift with any regularity has probably encountered challenges in getting it to work consistently. David promises you that what you are about to learn will excite you and give you the tools you need to present the Abnormal Lift with the confidence and respect it deserves.

A word of warning: some of the techniques discussed in this ebook have a decidedly metaphysical bent to them. If that sort of thing is not your bag, please do not let that scare you away. Here is a big secret: YOU DON'T HAVE TO 'BELIEVE' IN THESE PHENOMENA FOR THE TECHNIQUES TO WORK. Just do them as David explains them and he assures you that your success rate with the Lift will skyrocket as will its impact on your audiences.

David Numen will treat you to his pet 'zipping' and 'unzipping' techniques that assure success, provide the audience and lifters alike with a demonstrable reason for the Lift going from impossible to reality (then back to impossible and then to reality again, as David does it) and transform the Lift from party stunt to enthralling mystery.

David will also share ideas for incorporating the Lift with other effects or making the Lift the centrepiece of a powerhouse act that can play just about anywhere, from club to parlour to banquet to stage to television to sales meeting (could there be a better team building demonstration for overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles?) to trade show floor. Ideas for staging the Lift are also shared, as are variations of the Lift. Finally, you will delve deeper into some of the energy work that informs the more esoteric techniques taught in the ebook.

Along the way, we hope to manage to convey even a fraction of the excitement and joy David derives from performing the Lift and from continuing even now to discover its secrets.

So let's take a quick look at the fundamentals of the Abnormal Lift and its sketchy history, after which David will share his personal history and experience with this unparalleled physical demonstration of weirdness. Photographs as well as embedded video clips from actual demonstration in David's bar are provided to give you all the visual assistance you will need to learn the Lift and perform it successfully.

"It's not very often that we get to see our ageless classics and time-honored showpieces streamlined to the same depth and extent this one has been and polished to such a remarkably fine sheen or one which makes it sparkle and glisten so brightly as to render the original version and previous incarnation almost completely unrecognizable. David's new work retains everything I've always loved about the A.L. and succeeds in turning this classic party stunt into a true reputation making effect and one that's now more effective, impressive, exciting, believable and fun to perform than ever before." - Jerome Finley

1st edition 2010; 145 pages.
word count: 26131 which is equivalent to 104 standard pages of text