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The ATM Pin and Other Stories

by Renzo Grosso
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The ATM Pin and Other Stories by Renzo Grosso

All the great masters of magic and illusionism recommend two essential points in their meetings:

  • simplify the effects as much as possible, remove everything that is not strictly necessary,
  • build a patter, a story that is worth telling, that excites the listeners, that contributes to the creation of the perfect climax for the ending, to amaze your listeners.

The patter and the story justify and accompany the performer in carrying out the effect, and are always important, regardless of the method and technique used; in card magic, both in sleight-of-hand and in automatic or mathematical effects; even when the cards are not used, both in close-up situations and in the living room or on stage (objects, ropes, boxes, gimmicks) the story is fundamental.

We need creativity, to be original in our presentations, we have to create many new, strange, captivating stories that are remembered.

In this publication, you will find:

THE ATM PIN: This effect can be proposed in close-up, in person, on the phone (audio only) or on stage: three different and interesting ways for the same effect. The method used is explained in detail, so that the effect can be modeled by the performer and repeated immediately afterwards, making it difficult to immediately understand the method used.

The principle is interesting. The spectator chooses a number (5 digits or more), and the performer, after asking 4 questions, clearly identifies it. The operating principle exploits the properties of binary numbering. The numbers from 1 to 9 can be identified by a corresponding binary code.

  • How Does It Work
  • Brief Introduction (Obviously Not Exhaustive) On The Correspondence Between Binary And Decimal System
  • Decimal / Binary Correspondence Table
  • Breakdown Of The Decimal Numbers According To The Binary Composition
  • Summary Scheme
  • Construction Of Questions
  • How To Proceed
  • Work Table
  • Example: 1st Question, 2nd Question 3rd Question, 4th Question, After The Fourth Answer
  • Execution Procedure
  • General Description Of The Effect
  • Routine For Telephone Execution, With The Audio Connection Only
  • Possible Changes For A Fast Close-Up Version
  • Stage Version

CARDS, MAGIC, AND NLP: Every good mentalist has, in his baggage, notions of behavioral techniques: all the conscious and unconscious signals of the body that provide information about a person's emotional state or intentions. All non-verbal expressions of gestures, mimicry, posture, and movement are examples of this.

THE INNER VOICE: Steve Jobs said in a speech to college youth: Don't let the noise of other people's opinions cloud your inner voice. It is a clear invitation to the conscience of each of us to be independent and to use reason for our decisions. This is an experiment, which will test the strength of your decisions.

1st edition 2022, PDF 29 pages.
word count: 5247 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text

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