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The Brat Pack
by Aldo Colombini

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The Brat Pack by Aldo Colombini

[A less detailed version of this trick can be found in Direct Hits.]

Three strong effects with an unexpected climax. This routine can last for several minutes and although it is very easy to perform, you will produce three strong effects due to the gimmicked deck that you can easily prepare in ten minutes.


The performer shows a deck and shuffles it. A card is selected by a spectator and openly placed in the middle of the deck. A coin is vanished. The deck is cut and on the bottom portion there is the vanished coin. Below the coin is the selected card.

Another card is selected and replaced in the deck. The words WHO IS THE GREATEST MAGICIAN? are spelled with a comedy gag and when the next card is turned over: it is the selection.

Finally, the deck is cut into two and one portion is left on the table. From the other half a card is selected. The card disappears from this portion, in fact, all the cards are openly and singly dealt onto the table. The card is gone. The spectator is asked to cut the tabled portion at the selected card. The tabled half appears to be a solid block glued together. At the face of the block is the selected card.

  • Very easy to do
  • Always ready
  • Big impact as the climax comes really unexpected

1st digital edition 2019, 6 pages.
word count: 1607 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text