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The Business of Table Hopping
by Paul A. Lelekis


(2 reviews, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Business of Table Hopping by Paul A. Lelekis

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Paul A. Lelekis is one of the most experienced table-hoppers on the planet. He has performed in many restaurants from Hot Dog Stands all the way up to 5-Star restaurants for over 25 years. He has often table-hopped in restaurants 6 or 7 days a week - for many years.

Paul has been asked to record an all-inclusive e-book of Table-Hopping and so decided to write this e-book, The Business of Table-Hopping. Included are a few photographs of Paul, explaining magic.

Table-Hopping is not only a very lucrative business, but you will be asked to perform for many other engagements and hundreds of Children's Birthday Parties! Paul addresses all of the issues of table-hopping including how to get these gigs, how to hold on to them, how to get along with the staff, what to wear and some great ideas for tricks to perform.

Becoming a table-hopper will make you a seasoned Pro.

This e-book begins with a must-read introduction and numerous chapters addressing:

  • The Business of Table-Hopping
  • What Tricks Should I Perform
  • How Do I Choose a Restaurant?
  • What Do I Wear?
  • How Much Money Do I Charge?
  • Meeting the Staff
  • When Do I Approach Tables?
  • How Do I Approach Tables?
  • The Different Kinds of Spectators
  • How Long Do I Stay at Each Table?
  • Tips!
If you wish to enter this career or use it as a part time job, then get this ebook and begin your very lucrative adventure in the field of Table-Hopping!

"Paul Lelekis has captured the essence of performing close-up magic for patrons in restaurants. He continues in his tradition of re-designing and performing time-tested and practical effects that fully engage and entertain. In his 13th book, he highlights tricks and specific handlings that he has used (as a restaurant-worker) for decades to attend to children and adults. He also provides his pragmatic approach to working with diners, restaurant-owners and wait-staff, so that you can enhance your presence and value as an entertainer. At $10, his wisdom is worth it." - Enrico Varella, Corporate Trainer & Vice-President of IBM Ring 115, Singapore

1st edition 2014, 24 pages.
word count: 10824 which is equivalent to 43 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Lee Eyler (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 29 April, 2022

As someone who has made an income through table-hopping, I find this publication very informative. Wish I had this information when I got started. With a rating system of one to ten, I give this publication a ten! It gives a good base knowledge on all the various subjects one faces when doing table hopping. Anything else will be learned by going out and doing it for yourself and this is important to understand, as each regional area is different and times change as well.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 26 March, 2017

Publisher Malcolm Forbes got it right when he said, “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at what they enjoy.”

If there is ONE field of magic that has been thoroughly ignored, it’s Table Hopping. I’ve visited hundreds of websites, perused dozens and dozens of magic shops around the country, and explored the catalogs of all the major magic companies looking for good, solid material on working restaurants. Unfortunately, the material simply isn’t there…

At least not until now…

Table Hopping is my type of magic. I’ve performed in a variety of restaurants, all owned by the same corporation, and I consider myself extremely lucky. I’m the exception though… My friend, Paul Lelekis, is the REAL deal – a guy who has performed at EVERY type of restaurant imaginable, under every sort of condition imaginable. And now, after considerable arm twisting, Paul has decided to talk…

Why is this important? Because many of the top magicians in the country make the majority of their money table hopping. These guys produce dozens of DVDs each year explaining the latest card moves, sleights, twists, and theory… but nothing about table hopping. It’s as if they don’t want to share something that might actually make you a working performer. Duh…

This is where Paul’s latest ebook, THE BUSINESS OF TABLE HOPPING, fills this glaring gap. Many of you know Paul as a staple of THE LINKING RING and author of more than a 40 books on magic, as well as many articles on magic and card magic in publications like the Magic Roadshow and, My Lovely Assistant, The Magician’s Forum, The Linking Ring, The Card Corner, Magic New Zealand, Magicana, The Magic Café, The St. Pete Times, as well as several European Magic Newsletters. I know Paul as a professional restaurant performer with over 28 years of experience…

To quote Paul:

“I never intended to write this e-book, however I have received numerous requests by other magicians to share my “secrets” of table-hopping with the magic community since I have performed for over 28 years in restaurants, often six or seven times a week! Table-hopping is my favorite form of magical entertainment. You may already have a “real job”, however, you can supplement your income with this “side job” that will not only make you a performing professional, but will also lead to many other gigs that will snowball over time!”

The amazing fact about Paul’s book is that, in addition to revealing all the small details that make table hopping profitable, he reveals a number of the actual effects he performs…and not simply the type of effects, but detailed instructions with pictures. How many magicians do you know are willing to reveal their actual repertoire in detail?

Learn how to approach and what to say to the customers. Learn how to deal with the wait staff. Learn how to get your first ‘gig’, and how to keep it. Paul will teach you what to charge, whether to work for tips or salary, and how to dress appropriately for the different type restaurants. No stone is left unturned.

Honestly, I cannot think of a BETTER way to spend Ten bucks. Don’t simply learn a trick you’ll show two or three times and put on a shelf…learn a TRADE that will put money in YOUR pocket, increase your overall bookings ten-fold, and make you a true professional..

The Magic Roadshow gives ‘The Business of Table Hopping’ our highest recommendation…