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The Continental
by Cameron Francis


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Continental by Cameron Francis

"Sticky greatness = epic!! Great e-book and I will be using this one for definite!" - Chris Congreave

From January 2010 to February 2011, Cameron had 12 tricks published in the British IBM magazine The Budget. The column was called "The Continental" and thanks to editor Stephen Tucker, Cameron is now able to offer you all 12 effects in one PDF.

The column includes tricks for close-up and stand-up work using cards, coins, bills, matchbooks, business cards, Sharpies, steno pads and drawings. While some of the material has been published before, five of the tricks have never been previously published and most of the previously published material has been updated with new handlings.

Here are the contents:

  • Daley's Last Sandwich -- Daley's Last Trick with a killer ending.
  • Change -- A great bill switch routine that's loaded with magic and laughs.
  • Steno Epic -- A Mental Epic routine under test conditions using an ungaffed steno pad (Yes, it's different than the Osterlind version)
  • Thanks, Meester -- A killer transpo of Kings and Jokers with an unbelievable ending.
  • Tunnel Fusion -- A much improved variation of the fusion effect from Cameron's “Rehab” DVD
  • Inward Bound -- A completely examinable matches across effect!
  • Posse -- Jokers capture a card, transform into its mates and then make a surprise reappearance.
  • The Magic Coin -- A different spin one the Wild Coin effect.
  • MCM Smackdown -- A stunning card effect where a mentalist, a card sharp and a magician duke it out with surprising results!
  • Spin Cycle -- A super charged twisting routine
  • Money Business -- A streamlined handling of an effect from the Attack of the Copper Silver Coin DVD.
  • Sticky Greatness -- Sure to be the talk of the booklet. A stickman magician jumps from a piece of paper to a freely selected card and back. A great opener!

1st edition 2010; 36 pages.
word count: 10831 which is equivalent to 43 standard pages of text

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