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The Erotic Seance
by Anabelle


(6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Erotic Seance by Anabelle

Finally! The Return of the Controversial Bestseller The Erotic Seance!

This manuscript was originally created in 2004 and published in 2005. Within a relatively short period of time it was off the market. Since then many people have looked for a copy, curious about its contents. Mystic Alexandre has owned the rights to this manuscript for many years and thought it might never see the light of day again, but now he feels it's time this unique piece resurfaced at a special price and for a limited time for those who are interested.

This is the unchanged and original manuscript created in 2004 with no content updates (just some aesthetic ones) so a couple of things will seem outdated, but we believe its still as interesting as it was when it first became available through my website back in 2005.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Erotic Seance is influenced by Brother Shadow's "Have Seance Will Travel" and it was published in 2005 with his permission and blessing, but this is NOT the same thing as "Have Seance Will Travel" so if you can find his brilliant work, you should not hesitate to get it!


Here's a note from the author that accompanied the release in 2005:

Let me be honest here, this is not for everyone, I know. You have to be open minded and willing to experience something sexual (without any physical contact) that you might not have been expecting. This is not a séance in the traditional sense of the word. Nothing is going to fly around and no tables are going to be moving.

The whole thing will take place in your mind.

I came up with this months after reading Brother Shadow's Have Séance Will Travel along with the awesome and weird book called Mind Games by Robert Masters. I changed the theme, added a new "ritual", mixed and added some other things into it and here we are!

I've done this for one person to start and I've had up to eight at once. Again, this is not for everyone, that's why I used the title I did. It is an erotic séance that takes place in your mind and your experience might end up NOT being what you thought you wanted or imagined.

Most of the time it's a positive experience, but I've had a person freak out because what showed up for her was not what she wanted at all, which is rare because if you do everything as written in the manual, there will be a positive air about the séance and it will all end fairly positive ... and potentially pretty erotic.

As a bonus, you'll also learn how to do the Erotic Seance Solo! Also a Trip to Hell suggestion by Mystic Alexandre.

Have fun! - Anabelle 2005

WARNING: The author and publisher are not responsible for any unsettling experiences the subject or subjects may experience. The user is fully responsible for any side-effects. For entertainment purposes only.

1st edition 2005, 11 pages.
word count: 3464 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text