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Beneath the Mask
by Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre


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Beneath the Mask by Anabelle & Mystic Alexandre

Beneath The Mask, co-written with Alexandre, is the last manuscript Anabelle chose to release to the community back in 2007! It's been off the market for a number of years, but now it's back! IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the original 2007 release with the original cover on the PDF and original content.

11 Fun Routines

Chance Sandwich: A unique playing card prediction experiment where a subject makes a couple of crystal clear choices, no doublespeak by the performer, and in the end the performer proves to be eerily correct! A classic card effect with an Anabelle twist that improves it tenfold! (An ordinary pack of playing cards and one special card you probably already have is needed to perform this routine).

P.L.E.T. II: A simple and direct effect using five random items. Can Also Be Done Over The Phone. For those with children, this is one way you can show people how you psychically keep track of them when they're away from you. Anabelle's preferred presentation is a demonstration of how Psychics work with law enforcement to help them find people and things. Easy To Do and Strong. Especially Over The Phone!

The Spiritual Caliber: "Have you ever played around with the Spiritual Caliber? You probably don't even know what that is, here let me show you ... it's a Pentagram that lets you know how balanced spiritually you are right now in your life. It's funny, because even though you may think or feel you're not balanced, you may be, of course if you're not, the Spiritual Caliber will let you know." This is how The Spiritual Caliber begins, a unique and fun demonstration using nothing but a couple of pieces of paper and a pen!

Anabelle's Memory Opener: A memory demonstration using a regular pack of playing cards where the subject cuts off a portion from the deck, you glimpse at them quickly demonstrating lightening speed memorization, hand the packet back to the subject, they mix and shuffle the packet and remove one single card. The packet is handed back to you and you will be able to know which card was removed. Easy and Powerful!

Girl Power: A simple psychic experiment using only ten cards from a regular pack of playing cards. You ask the participant to deal two piles of ten cards each and you tell them you're going to try a test you've been working on, meaning, you're going to obtain paranormal knowledge using a physical object, in this case a deck of cards, as a focus. Great little demonstration for casual situations!

The Chosen One: This is a simple, effective, and sneaky card routine Anabelle uses from time to time in casual situations. It has even surprised magicians. You have the deck shuffled by the subject, then take it back and shuffle a little more as you tell them you want to try another one of your Psychic Experiments with them. Spread the cards and have them take any card they like and look at it. Place the deck face down on the table. The subject is then asked to place their card on top of the deck, but because magicians use things like "key" cards you inform them that before they place their card on top of the deck, you want them to take the top and bottom cards and bury them in the middle somewhere, that way no one knows what the top or bottom cards are. The pack is cut a few times and the performer is still able to locate the subject's card through "intuitive ability"!

Red Hot Rubik's Cube: For this quick experiment you won't be solving the cube, in fact Anabelle admits she's never been able to solve a cube without a cheat sheet, what you will do though is demonstrate color sensitivity dealing with five colors of a Rubik's cube, excluding the white because for some reason it's extra difficult to visualize White, so you'll use the five other colors left on the cube: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. The subject will select a color and you will nail it! The cube needs to be slightly altered to perform this routine.

Anabelle's Dream: "I am sure many of you have had dream visions at one point or another in your life, whether you recognized them as such or not. Most of us are not able to recognize a dream vision clearly, but this is something I've been able to do since I was a child. For me these visions are usually shown like a movie or moving picture giving me a lot of information. This information can be warnings of things about to happen to me or others, good visions about a pending job, sale of something, or of a seemingly ordinary event yet to come, like the dream vision demonstration I'm about to show you. For many years now I've realized that my Dream Visions have a psychic connection behind them, and in this particular dream, one I had just days ago, came intensively clear." Using a pack of playing cards, the subject will cleanly and fairly select a card, and you will reveal you had dreamt of this specific moment before by playing them video proof! Strong! You will need a special pack of playing cards to perform this.

Alexandre's Check Her I.D. (featured as a bonus in Scoring With The Tarot): A special, casual, effective observation demonstration using an Invisible Deck.

Alexandre's Fantasy Phone Experiment: A unique playing card experiment! You begin by telling your participant that you usually perform this experiment over the phone, but you want to go ahead and try it in person anyway, it might not work, but you'll try it. Hand them the deck and tell them to take the bottom card, turn it over (face-up), and stick into the center of the deck. Instruct the subject to do it once again and have them cut the deck once. There are now two face-up cards in the deck. These are the target cards. One will be revealed exactly! The other one partially. This will leave them wondering ... if this was merely a "trick" why wouldn't you be able to get both? Hey, that's how Mindreading works, it's not always perfect ... but still very impressive!

The Devil In You: Using four Major Arcana Tarot cards, you begin this experiment by allowing the subject to make some clear choices arriving at one random Tarot card. Finally you concentrate on that card ... "I'm getting a strong impression ... friend ... you've got the Devil in you. But remember, the Devil only has so much power as you give him in your life ... now go shake that thing off by performing a good deed today!" Fun stuff!

1st edition 2007; 25 pages.
word count: 5078 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text