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The Faro Shuffle

by Edward Marlo
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The Faro Shuffle by Edward Marlo

This ebook describes Marlo's techniques for the Faro Shuffle. It contains methods for executing a faro, such as The First Technique, Faro Riffle Shuffle, and The Butt Shuffle, as well as Faro Aids, such as the Fourth Finger Table and the Rock and Reweave. It also contains more complex variations, like the Off Center Faro, Above Crimp Faro, and 26th Card Faro Check.

  • The Faro Shuffle
  • - The First Technique
  • Faro Aids
  • - 26th Card Faro Check
  • - The 4th Finger Table
  • Faro Riffle Shuffle
  • - Variations In Technique On The Faro Riffle Shuffle
  • - In The Hands
  • The Butt Faro
  • Partial Faro Check
  • Throw-Off Faro - Top
  • Faro Throw Off - Bottom
  • Above Crimp Faro
  • Off Center Faro
  • Half And Half Principle
  • "Half Plus One"
  • Combining Riffle Shuffles & Faros'
  • Reverse Or Backward Faro
  • On Discrepancies

1st edition 1958, 36 pages; 1st digital edition 2018, 40 pages. 72 illustrations.
word count: 11084 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text

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