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The Ghost Manuscript
by Doc Nixon


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The Ghost Manuscript by Doc Nixon

This rare manuscript was originally published in 1929 and sold for 50 dollars. It contains excellent material. The first part describes some very good slate routines with and without a flap. Here you will find messages mysteriously appearing on slates, a knockout number prediction, a trick where the magician duplicates in his slate a drawing made by a spectator on another slate. All of this is illustrated by many photographs.

Included is Nixon's Videtec Slate in which the magician holds a slate behind his back, a spectator chalks a number, a word, or anything on the slate, and the magician immediately calls out what was written down.

The second part of the book contains intriguing secrets used by mediums of those years. Several of these can be used today in special situations. There is also information on luminous paint with several applications, a Thumb Tie, the materialization of ghosts, ectoplasm, and a lot of weird and fascinating stuff!

The book finishes with the description of a portable Spirit Cabinet with a very good routine, including materialization of ghosts, dancing handkerchief, etc. This is very easy to build and perform.

The editor (Marko) has included many notes and extra material plus an appendix to supplement the original manuscript.


  • The Nixon Newspaper Slate Mystery
  • The Nixon Miracle Slate
  • Spirit Design and Slate Experiment
  • The Nixon Videtec Slate Mystery
  • The Nixon Billet Slate Test
  • Nixon Routine for Unprepared Slates
  • Dime Store Dictionary Test Mystery
  • Dead and Alive Name Test
  • Nixon Wonder Spirit Writing
  • The Nixon Business Card Spirit Message
  • Nixon Unprepared Slate in Cloth Bag
  • Temperature Changing Methods
  • Hot and Cold Liquid Materialization
  • Heart Pulse Test
  • Wire or Cord Bounding of Thumbs-Nixon Method
  • Mind Reading Retainer Envelopes
  • Medium Answers
  • Luminous Items
  • Ghost Faces, Hands, etc.
  • Graveyard Ghosts
  • Seance Room Ghosts
  • Ghost Materializations
  • Luminous Trumpets, Bands, Writing, Photographs
  • Luminous Gurgitation, Ectoplasm
  • Medium's Frenzy Froth
  • Human Aura
  • Luminous Paint
  • Seance Room Sudden Storm and Earthquake
  • Table Levitation
  • Spirit Blood Test
  • Lighting an Electric Bulb with Bare Hand
  • Hypnotizing Animals, etc.
  • Blood Stigma
  • Spirit Animation
  • Nervousness Via Ghosts
  • Blindfolds
  • Reaching Rod
  • The Nixon Bright Eyes Cabinet Mysteries

1st edition 1929, PDF 40 pages.
word count: 12992 which is equivalent to 51 standard pages of text

Reviewed by John Kauth (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 27 March, 2024

I enjoy reading these manuscripts from the early 20th century. This one has a lot of chalk and slate work that a mentalist could adapt to create some interesting effects today. The photos are clear, and the book has been retyped, so there is no problem reading the text. The editor, Marko, has done a great job identifying the photos; if the instructions are unclear, he inserts a note. Following the slate work, the book explains the techniques used by the mediums in the 1920s. The technique descriptions are a little vague, but they will be useful for those curious about the methods or for re-creating a seance today. There are good instructions for constructing a spirit cabinet to use some of the methods previously described in the book. For those curious about this stuff, the price is reasonable. There is an appendix written by Marko that offers additional explanations.