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The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 1, Issue 5 (Apr - May 2012)
by Solyl Kundu

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The Gimmick MagiZette: Volume 1, Issue 5 (Apr - May 2012) by Solyl Kundu

This 5th issue of volume 1 of The Gimmick MagiZette is another magical salmagundi contributed by reputed magic personalities from east and west …

  • Sorcar Senior aka TW'SGM has just trod on to his 100th Birthday – our homage and a nice photograph.
  • "Captain Kirk and Star Tricks" by Loch David Crane, M. Ed. Loch gives his explanation on Torn and Restored Strings from his book.
  • "Robert Olson on Ventriloquy" – Rev. Robert E Olson recites his Chipper (vent doll) and expresses the cardinal rules of ventriloquism in a nutshell.
  • "Past Glory of India – Prof. Vazhakunnam," fondly referred as the 'Grand Father of Magic in Kerala' (India) comes in this column in a picturesque write-up that you will enjoy!
  • "Crossword Puzzle" - Yet another clever magic-themed Crossword Puzzle by Balasubramian Chandran aka Balu the Magician for the connoisseurs.
  • "Rameses - The Forgotten Star" by Christopher Woodward is a worth-reading book some devouring magic book readers feel. Read here what the reviewer Dr. Joel A. Moskowitz has to say on this book.
  • In the 'magicXposed' section, G Sreenivas of Kakinada, India offers his own version of 'Bill Center Tear.' You will love to use it.
  • "The Nine Lives of a Cat" by Aldo Colombini is another card caper that is simple but stunning! It is for sure that none will want to miss it.
  • "Find the Queen – My way" by Solyl Kundu of Kolkata, India is another version of 3 Card Monte; however, you will appreciate the amusing ending that may even fetch you some booking!
  • "Aces by Division" is Max Maven's brainchild! Knowing Max Maven, you already know what to expect. Why waste your time, just grab a copy of TGM and go into action!
  • "News & Views" – Some photo illustrated reports of different functions related to Sorcar's 100th Birthday celebration, and a bit more.
Editor: Salil Kumar "Solyl" Kundu. E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

31 pages
word count: 7446 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text