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The Mag-Eye Move Revisited
by Bob Cassidy

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The Mag-Eye Move Revisited by Bob Cassidy

In 1981 Al Mann devised a billet tear he called the "Mag-Eye" move. He enthusiastically demonstrated it for Bob Cassidy and gave him a copy of the manuscript, Phanta Graphs in which he had first described it.

Some time later, after playing around with the move, Bob devised a substantially different approach and a handling that allowed secret access to a much larger area of the billet. Bob also gave Al some of his ideas regarding the proper type of paper that had to be used to insure that the move worked smoothly as well as a presentational gambit that justified the use of a pre-folded billet.

Al was ecstatic and immediately went about typing up a manuscript which he released as The Mag-Eye Move Supreme. He credited Bob as its co-author.

The manuscript didn't explain Bob's handling as he described it to Al. As was his style, he wrote up his own version of it with a maximum of enthusiastic hyperbole. He didn't include the handling and routine Bob had devised. Instead, he described another variation of the move that he said was "inspired" by Bob's version. The move never really caught on among mentalists probably because Al omitted the critical details of handling and routining that made the move clean, logical, and virtually foolproof.

Over the years Bob has often been asked about his handling of the move and the modification and routine he actually showed him over twenty years ago. Here it is.

1st edition 2008; 9 pages
word count: 2716 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text