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The Magic World of Stewart Judah
by Stewart Judah


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Magic World of Stewart Judah by Stewart Judah

The last book of the late Stewart Judah. A remarkably fine magician with a wealth of material, and the ability to teach it through the printed word. This ebook reflects all his favorite themes, cards, ropes, ribbons, childrens' tricks, coins, all written in his scholarly way, with reference to other sources, philosophical observations, and the gentle sweet humor that was Stewart.

35 tricks and routines, illustrated by John Braun, plus rare old photos, a profile by Leslie Guest, an introduction by Mr. Braun.

  • Introduction
  • S.J. Four Paper Balls And Two Hats Routine
  • Penetrating Bill
  • Torn Bill Routine
  • Twin Knifty Knots Finale
  • Torn Paper Strip With A Bang
  • Badge For The Sheriff
  • Coin Routine For Children
  • Aero-Flight Coins
  • Poor Man's Run Rabbit, Run
  • S.J. Mutus Dedit Trick
  • Cabalistic Card Trick
  • Spectator's Choice
  • Not Your Card?
  • Ubiquitous Pairs Routine
  • Riffle Shift
  • Slip Cut
  • Judah Force
  • S.J. Four Ace Routine
  • Ace Opener For Experts
  • S.J. One-At-A-Time Ace Assembly
  • Push-Off Count
  • Oil And Water
  • Color Mathematics - A Prediction
  • A Curious Coincidence
  • By The Power Of Three
  • Double Revelation Clock Trick
  • Mind Reading With A Short Card
  • Spelling And Elimination
  • Two Heaps Location - Judah Presentation
  • Repeat Card To Pocket
  • Willie The Wonderful Quarterback
  • The Flying Bits Of Paper
  • The Knife And Papers
  • The Repeat Version
  • The Stage Version
  • The Cut Ribbon Restored
  • The Pick-Off Knot
  • Stewart Judah

1st edition 1966, 96 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, PDF 71 pages.
word count: 31830 which is equivalent to 127 standard pages of text