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The Man Who Knows Erdnase
by Wesley James

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The Man Who Knows Erdnase by Wesley James

Wesley James' 7 DVD set, "The Man Who Knows Erdnase", on the enigmatic book The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase has been met with controversy. Discussions about Erdnase generally do lead to heated debates, be it the discussions about his identity as well as discussions about the techniques taught in the book and their applicability, history and execution.

Wesley James is undoubtedly an informed card expert with decades of experience who had the guts to put his thinking, believes and information on the table. He made a sincere attempt at trying to make Erdnase more accessible. It is Erdnase through the lens of Wesley James edited by Jason England. Even if you do not agree with all of Mr. James' arguments and conclusions it is a thought provoking work that will bring Erdnase closer.

This ebook is both a companion to the DVD set, as well as stands alone, and can be read and understood without the DVDs. However, access to a copy of The Expert at the Card Table would be beneficial.

This ebook may be a bit controversial but it includes some excellent material and useful speculation and analysis of who Erdnase may have been and why the material in the book is described and included and why other material may have been left out. Wesley James digs into the techniques, takes them apart and offers his analysis and insight. If you always wanted to understand Erdnase better then this ebook will most likely help you to dig deeper and get a better understanding of Erdnase and his teachings.

This ebook is only recommended for serious students of card magic and or people interested in the identity of Erdnase.

1st edition 2007, revised 2012, 189 pages.
word count: 96514 which is equivalent to 386 standard pages of text

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