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The Nelson Course of Hypnotism
by Robert A. Nelson


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Nelson Course of Hypnotism by Robert A. Nelson

This course is designed to meet the needs and essential requirements of the serious student who really wants to learn how to hypnotize and in the shortest possible time. This is the one book for those seeking a fuller and more complete understanding of the fundamentals and basic principles of the science of hypnotism, its power and tremendous possibilities. It is written in non-technical, easy to understand language. You start learning with the very first lesson.

Learn by doing. In the early lessons, you start at once with initial suggestion and hypnosis. You learn how to select the best subjects and condition them for the hypnotic trance. You start learning by doing.

Information covered includes

  • How to Hypnotize
  • New Procedures
  • Advanced Methods
  • Speed Methods
  • The Author's Personal Method
  • Instantaneous Hypnosis
  • Group Hypnosis
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Power Through Suggestions
  • Age Regression
  • The Subconscious Mind in Action
Hypno-disc and sleep card included free of charge. These and many other aids are fully discussed. Learn how to use them to the best advantage. Best of all, this book provides the reader, who digests and applies the information contained within, with the necessary confidence to become a top-flight hypnotist. Nelson's presentation of the material is worth its weight in gold. Nelson originally wrote this as a correspondence course to sell for $50.00. Now get all lessons, complete in one volume, at a fraction of the original price.
Robert Orndorff says: "Recently I ordered your Nelson Master Course of Hypnotism. with which I am well pleased. I am amazed to know the real secret of the art."

William Dennis says: "I have long been a student of hypnotism, and would like to say that I have found your instructions and aids to be the finest."

1st edition 1958; 1st digital edition 2017, 69 pages.
word count: 18325 which is equivalent to 73 standard pages of text