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Poker is today the most popular game played for money. In the past draw poker was the most popular form. Today Texas Hold'em and strip poker seem to be the favorites. And the places you can play a game of poker are limitless, from the Las Vegas card rooms, to online poker, video poker, and the friendly game at your friend or party, to countless poker tournaments at various places. Winners of the World Series of Poker become instant celebrities and best selling authors. A good number of players have become pro poker players, sometimes banding together as teams, and are making a living playing the various tournaments. The information we are providing to you will help you become a much better poker player. Take advantage of the training software, ebooks and DVDs.

If you want to become an expert in 'reading' your opponents hands, check out our Muscle Reading category, which is a refined form to read somebodies body language.

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    Poker Rules in Rhyme by Geo. W. Allen    Collusion Strategy and Analysis for Texas Hold'em by T. Hayes    Killers and Strippers by T. Hayes    Jack Pots: stories of the great American game by Eugene Edwards    The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. Hayes    Advantage Card Playing by F. R. Ritter    My Confidential Tips To Poker Players by F. R. Ritter    Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker by F. R. Ritter    The Winner's Guide to Dating: What I learned about love and sex from playing Texas Hold 'em by Randall Klitz    Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker by John Scarne    Online Poker Mastery by Danny Brenner    Cheating at Hold'em by David Malek

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Poker Rules in Rhyme by Geo. W. AllenThis is an unusual book that teaches basic poker strategies, tactics, and odds in verse form, accompanied by color illustrations. This book is mentioned in Jack Pots.
  • A Pretty Game
  • One Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Threes
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full Hand
  • Fours
  • Straight Flush
  • 4 Straight-Inside
  • Nothing-Ace High
  • Nothing-Ace King High
  • Pair Sevens
  • Three Kings
  • Three Nines
  • Three Aces
  • Seven-High Straight
  • Ace Full
  • Fours
  • Royal Straight Flush
  • Chances to Improve the Hand by Drawing
  • Pat Hands

1st edition 1895; PDF 29 pages.

2018 / 9 / 9
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Collusion Strategy and Analysis for Texas Hold'em by T. HayesCollusion Strategy and Analysis for Texas Hold'em gives a focused and comprehensive look into the concept of collusion in the popular game of Texas Hold'em. The first half of the ebook details the many techniques and strategies that may be employed by colluders, as well as some of the considerations associated with each method. The second half of the ebook then analyses both pre-flop and post-flop play in order to determine the effect of various parameters on collusion strategy. This publication represents one of the most in-depth insights into the theory of collusion, currently available. ...
2017 / 12 / 16
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Killers and Strippers by T. HayesThis ebook focuses on the use of killing cards and the stripper deck to gain an advantage in the popular game of Texas Hold’em. The first part of the ebook is a short investigation into the art of using the cut to take cards out of play. Initially, the mathematics of killing cards is presented along with an assessment of probabilities when all the aces, tens and five value cards are killed. After highlighting the fact that very few cards are exposed during a round of Hold’em, the second part of the book looks at some different types of stripper deck that are available. This covers multiple...
2017 / 12 / 16
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Jack Pots: stories of the great American game by Eugene EdwardsThis is a collection of wonderful poker stories, some obviously pure fiction, some based on true facts, at least some of the actors are historical figures that did indeed exist. It reveals a good amount of how card sharps plied their trade, and illustrates many of the local differences in playing draw poker.
      What Is Poker Its Origin, And Why We Like It
    • The Early Days Of Poker
    • Steamboat Games
    • A Mammoth Raise
    • Bowie's Good Deed
    • Poker In Washington
    • A Story Of Henry Clay
    • Cabinet Players
    • Mahone's Rule
    • When Reed Was Called
2017 / 10 / 30
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The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. HayesThis ebook takes an academic look at the second deal and its use at the card table, specifically in the game of Texas Hold’em poker. This is achieved by first examining the mathematical rules of the second deal. These rules are then applied to the basic structure of Texas Hold’em and the use of the move is advanced by also considering poker strategy. In addition to this, the probabilities of dealing target cards, when using a binary marking system, are derived. The use of the second deal in conjunction with stacking techniques is also considered, with a focus on the block transfer. Whilst...
2016 / 10 / 1
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Advantage Card Playing by F. R. RitterThis was the advertisement booklet for Ritter's book Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker. It describes the motivation of the book and shows some excerpts including four illustrations.

1st edition 1905, 9 pages; digital edition colorized.

2015 / 1 / 10
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My Confidential Tips To Poker Players by F. R. RitterAn early publication (from the early 19th century) about the odds and strategy of draw poker.
2015 / 1 / 10
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Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker by F. R. RitterThe first part and majority of this book deals with marked cards. It shows numerous examples of how and where to mark various back designs popular during the early 20th century in the United States. The second part briefly describes sleight-of-hand for the card cheater such as second dealing, bottom dealing, shuffling, false cuts, and mechanical hold outs. Each technique is illustrated with a photo, which is quite remarkable for a book from that time. The third and final part deals with the mathematical odds of draw poker.

Some people believe that F. R. Ritter might be S. W. Erdnase, the unknown author...

2014 / 12 / 8
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The Winner's Guide to Dating: What I learned about love and sex from playing Texas Hold 'em by Randall KlitzThis little gem of a book consists of five chapters - with prudent advice backed up by years of painful observation and field work. Are you a winner?
  • Does everyone you know seem to be having more sex than you?
  • Do your facial expressions give away your intentions?
  • Do you know when to "cut your losses?"
This book will help you "tilt the odds" in your favor every time you date.

Illustrations by Muriel Alvarez.

1st edtion 2007; 63 pages.

2008 / 12 / 28
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Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker by John ScarneThis ebook can change your gambling future! John Scarne, who is widely recognized as greatest gambling expert, reveals the secrets and strategies you need to increase your enjoyment - and winnings - at the world's popular card game.

Scarne lays down the rules of all 117 forms of poker, including the latest variations, making this ebook invaluable as a source of new games and as the final arbiter of all disputes. Where at one time the ultimate verdict on rules was "according to Hoyle," today it is "according to Scarne." You will learn how to:

  • Bet like an expert.
  • Protect yourself from poker...
2007 / 2 / 26
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Online Poker Mastery by Danny BrennerWith the online poker scene being flooded with fish from television, there is more money to be made than in the stock market! Most of the new coming poker players saw the World Series of Poker and decided to play on Party Poker, Pacific Poker, or Paradise Poker. Because of their inexperience, these players (if you can call them that) are practically throwing their money at you. It is necessary, however, to be well equipped so you will know how to take advantage of them, as well as their chips.

Danny gives great advice on subjects such as 'knowing the odds', 'general ring game play', 'defending...

2006 / 2 / 22
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Cheating at Hold'em by David Malek

How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed at the Card Table
Cheating at Hold'em is not a cliché exposé. Cheating at Hold'em is a course in protective strategy. Cheating at Hold'em will provide you with all the knowledge needed to become an expert in game protection and enable you to participate in any and all Hold'em games without fear of being cheated.

The top professional poker players are all conversant with the card cheater's ploys. No one can become a top professional Hold'em player without knowing how card cheaters take insurmountable advantages.

The information contained...

2005 / 11 / 18
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