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The Sphinx Volume 1 (Mar 1902 - Feb 1903)
by William John Hilliar


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The Sphinx Volume 1 (Mar 1902 - Feb 1903) by William John Hilliar
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NO. 1: MARCH 1902
Editor's Notes.2
A Humorous Glass Trick.2
Novel Apparatus: The Hilliar Rising Card.2
The Magician of the Month: Harry Kellar.3
The Great Hindoo Tongue Trick. By Ali Ben Nabob.3
Hand Shadows. By Hilliar.3
The Great Goldfishing Trick. Its Invention, History and Explanation.4
A Card Trick. By Thos. Peters.4
New Books: The Magician's Handbook, by Selbit.5
A Novel Match Trick. By T. Nelson Downs, "King of Koins."5
Novel Sleights: A Pass with Thirty Coins.5
The Fairy Coins and Tumbler.5
Ching Ling Foo's Paper Tearing Trick.6
Magicians Doings:6
- Chicago, Kellar at Mc.Vickers Theatre.6
- New York.7
- Ramblings in the Metropolis.7
- Boston.8
Our Letter Box.8

NO. 2: APRIL 190213
Editor's Notes14
Novel Apparatus M. Hermann's Spirit Canopy14
- A Unique Handkerchief Tube15
- A New Vest Servante15
- A new Face on an Old Friend Harry Kellar15
Chevalier Pinetti-Conjurer by Henry Ridgely Evans16
The Magician of the Month Horace Goldin17
Hand Shadows by Hilliar17
Novel Sleights18
- Something New with Cards and Coinsby Fred Dunworth18
New Publications18
The Art of Juggling by Slygo18
Magicians Doings19
- New york19
- Ramblings in the Metropolis19
- Chicago19
- Boston19
- Gleanings from the Golden west20
Our Letter Box20
Card Palming with the Fingers Open William J. Hilliar21

NO. 3: MAY 190225
Editor's Notes26
Novel Apparatus The New Flying Lamp27
- The New Floating Card27
- Vanishing and Producing Apparatus by Walter Werheim 27
- The Fin De Siecle Ball of Yarn by John H. Moss28
New Books28
Chevalier Pinetti-Conjurer by Henry Ridgely Evans29
Novel Sleights A New Billiard-Ball Move30
Hand Shadows by Hilliar30
Juggling by Slygo31
The Modern Magician's Hand-Book by William J. Hilliar31
Magicians Doings New York32
- Boston33
Our Letter Box33
Glass Drilling Fred J. Peters33

NO. 4: JUNE 190237
Editor's Notes38
The Magician of the Month Eugene Laurant39
A Simple "Producer"39
New Idea for Loading Hat39
Juggling by Slygo40
Novel Sleights Ziska's Imcomprehensible Card Effect40
The Theatre De Martinka40
Chevalieer Pinetti-Conjurer by Henry Ridgely Evans 41
Novel ApparatusZano's Card and Handkerchief Trick42
Samuels' Golden-Murphy & Jack's Coronation42
Another Large Magical Library42
Ching Ling Foo & Family42
Houdini Courty-Althoff Circus42
Hand Shadows by Hilliar43
- The Swan43
The Zancigs43
Magicians Doings Chicago44
- Boston44
- New York44
- New Zealand44
- London45
- Philadelphia Mysterious De Biere at Trocadero45
Our Letter Box45
New Books History of Ventiloquism45

NO. 5: JULY 190249
Editor's Notes50
Magicians and Those Aspiring Chas. J. Carter50
The Magician of the Month T. Nelson Downs51
The Improved Floating Card Louis N. Miller51
The Vernelos51
Wand and Billiard Ball Trick51
Novel Sleights Samuels' Swallowed Knife52
- New Vanishing Handkerchief52
Concerning Vaudeville Magicians by William J. Hilliar52
Card Palming with Open Fingers52
Chevalier Pinetti-Conjurer by Henry Ridgely Evans53
Jack Burch, Comedy Magician Picture53
Juggling by Slygo54
Hand Shadows by Hilliar54
Cartoons of Celebrities- No. 1 Alexander's Shoes55
Magicians Doings Chicago56
- Paris56
- New Zealand56
Our Letter Box57

NO. 6: AUGUST 190261
Editor's Notes62
The Magician of the Month John Neville Maskelyne62
Novel Sleights A New Disappearance62
Novel Apparatus Billard Ball Zig-zag63
The Society of American magicians63
The Man Fish by Xavier63
The Great Kauffman Says Ellison Collecton63
Supernatural Perception Second Sight64
Juggling by Slygo65
Our Letter Box66
A Couple of Tricks Henry Hardin66
Cartoon of Celebrities No. 2 Contracts Goldin67
Magicians Doings Chicago68
- Boston68
- New York68
- Milwaukee68
- Paris69
- Germany69

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190273
Editor's Notes74
Our Letter Box74
The Magician of the Month Leon Herrmann75
A Flat Trick Without Patter by Xavier75
A New Magician75
Novel SleightsThe Glass Billiard Ball Improved76
- 1902 Coin Trick by the "Only" Valeusin76
New Spirit Hand Three Tricks for Spiritualist by F. W. Cady76
A Game of Eucher for Second Sight by Theo. Haskell76
Obituary Luther R. Marsh77
Juggling by Slygo77
Progress in Germany77
The Society of American Magicians78
Cartoon Celebrities No. 3 Keller79
Magicians Doings Chicago80
- New York80
- Boston80
- Australia80
- Victoria81
En Route81
Nature's Water Cure81

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190285
Chicago, Oct. 15, 190286
The Magician of the Month Saram R. Ellison, M.D.86
Our Letter Box87
Magicians Doings Chicago88
- Boston88
- New York88
The Society of American Magicians89
Coin Jugglery-Aerial Treasury by The Only Valensin89
Novel Sleights An Addition to the Ink and Water Trick90
- Prismatic Ashes Knaus, Wizard90
- Pool Ball Through Handkerchief Arthur Ball 90
- An Original Coin Trick Louis Miller90
Bautier De Kolta90
Spiritualism Three Tricks for Spiritualist91
- Mahatma Miracles91
- New Chair Mystery91
- Kellar's New Spirit Post91
The Swing Illusion91
Novel Apparatus Improved Larger Trick-Closson92
New Coin Trick G.A. Marble92
Carl HerrmannProgram (German)92
En Route93

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 190297
Chicago, Nov. 15, 190298
The Magician of the Month Jack Burch98
Moving Picture Monopoly98
A Bit of Patter98
Magicians Doings Chicago99
- New York99
- Boston99
- Here and There99
- A New Arrival from India99
Our Letter Box100
Book Notes100
Leon Herrmann's Big Ovation101
Yo-Ko-Yo Or the Chinese Immigration Mystery by Clarence Irwin102
Barrel Mystery102
Science Refutes Hypnotism102
Ellison Collection102
Spiritualism Spirit Slate Writing-F.W.Cady103
- Mental or Quick Addition103
- Or Long Distance Second Sight103
Juggling by Slygo104
Robertus and Wilfredus104
A Wonderful Memory104
The Society of American Magicians105
En Route105
The Great Lafayette105

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1902109
Chicago, Dec. 15, 1902110
The Magician of the Month M. Buatier DeKolta111
New York111
Here and There111
The Art of Magic by Leon Herrmann112
Stry Bits112
Book Notes112
Magic and Magicians Ellison Library113
Jansen Picture113
Houdini in England114
A Letter from Downs114
Allen Shaw in South Africa114
Novel Apparatus A Novel Fish Trick150
The Ascending Globe Closson115
A Great Flower Trick115
The Rapid Transit Illusion115
Some Old Time Conjurers and Their Tricks by Henry Ridgely Evans116
Novel Sleights Single Handed Diminishing Card Illusion117
- A New Color Change117
- Handkeerchief and Billiard Ball Sleight117
- Another Wrinkle in Card Palming117
How Kellar Began his Stage Career117
Caught in the Act117
Inventors Needed118
Hypnotism is a Science That Can Stand Test118
A Magicians Visit to ther King of Burmah by Harry Kellar119
Golden Performs before King Edward VII119
Prof. E. Musel Picture119
Miss Bessie Gilmore Picture120
The Society of American Magicians121
En Route121
A New Vaudeville Theatre121

NO. 11: JANUARY 1903125
Chicago, Jan. 15, 1903126
Novel Sleights Walsh's Wonderful Handkerchiefs127
A New Billiard Ball Production M.S. Day127
Slygo's New Card Pass127
An Almanac for 1903127
Lafayette Attacked by Vicious Lion127
The Enchanted Finger Ring by Leon Herrmann128
Stories retold One on Herrmann128
New Vaudeville Theatres128
Magic and Magicians Ellison Library129
An Interesting Letter130
News from South Africa Allen Shaw130
The Unexpected Xavier130
Magicians Doings Chicago131
- Pittsburg131
- Boston131
- New York131
- New Zealand and Australian Notes131
- Here and There131
Book Notes132
Novel Entertainment Occult Lore of the Far East132
The Society of American Magicians133
Imro Fox's New Act133
En Route133

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1903137
Chicago, Feb. 15, 1903138
The Magician of the Month H.A. Jansen139
Book Notes139
Vandalism by Leon Herrmann139
Magicians Doings Chicago140
- New York140
- Detroit140
- St. Paul140
- Pittsburg140
- Here and There140
Magic and Magicians Ellison Library141
Novel Sleights Modern Thimbal Manipulation-Lee Stewart142
Original Card and Hat Trick Loiis N. Miller142
From Kings to Aces H.E. Van der Koor142
Our Letter Box143
The Society of American Magicians143
Mystery of Fire Walking Explained The Ceremony as Performed by Members of the Nga Ngalita Tribe144
The Magical Trust F.W.King144
Wife is Hypnotised144
En Route145

149 pages
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