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The Sphinx Volume 2 (Mar 1903 - Feb 1904)
by Inez Vernelo


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The Sphinx Volume 2 (Mar 1903 - Feb 1904) by Inez Vernelo
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NO. 1: MARCH 19031
Chicago, Mar. 15, 19032
The Magician of the Month Ching Ling Soo3
Why It Was by Xavier3
An Interesting Letter T. Nelson Downs3
Novel Sleights4
- Modern Thimble Manipulation By Lee Stewart4
- An Original Cigarette Trick Merle F. Willis4
- New Vanishing Canary Mora4
- Rice and Handkerchief Trick Prof. McIntosh4
- An Old Kite With A New Tail Louis N. Miller4
- Novel Egg Sleight Lawrence Stone4
Stories Retold A Magician Among Aborigines5
Ninty On The Dollar5
Magic and Magicians Ellison Library5
Our Letter Box6
Magicians Doings7
- Chicago7
- New York7
- Boston7
- Washington7
- Kansas City7
- Detroit8
- Pittsburg8
- New Zealand and Australian Notes8
Book Notes9
Herrmann Grave Picture9
En Route9
The Society of American Magicians9

NO. 2: APRIL 190313
Chicago, Apr. 15, 190314
The Magician of the Month Adelaide Herrmann15
Book Notes15
Magicians Doings 16
- Chicago 16
- New York16
- Boston16
- Kansas City16
- Detroit16
- St. Louis16
- New Zealand and Australian Notes16
- Foreign Notes17
- Here and There17
- Spiritual Chit Chat17
Novel Sleights 18
- Modern Thimble Manipulation By Lee Stewart18
- A New Effect in Rising Cards Louis N. Miller18
- The Hypnotized Handkerchief Prof. McIntosh18
- Four Ace Illusion H.E. Kaiser18
- Production of Full Pack of Cards Prof. Burns18
- The Spiritualistic Cigarette Paper T. Nelson Downs18
- The Downs Billiard Ball Vanish T. Nelson Downs18
Spiritualism An Interesting Letter19
- Spiritualism It Stands forth as the Great Revealer19
- Spiritualism Growing19
Stories Retold The Conjurer's Revenge20
Magician Visits Bonsecours Market Herrmanns Tricks Caused Amusement and Astonishment20
Magic Mirrors20
The Fire Walkers of Japan by W.C. Jameson reid21
The Society of American Magicians22
En Route22

NO. 3: MAY 190325
Chicago, May 15, 190326
The Magician of the Month Alexander Herrmann27
Men of Today Who Make the World Laugh27
Magicians Doings 28
- Boston 28
- Detroit28
- Kansas City28
- New Zealand Notes28
- Foreign Notes29
Stories Retold30
Ching Ling Foo Picture30
Herrmann Bullet Catch Picture30
Book Notes30
Servais Le Roy & Company Picture31
Downs at Monte Carlo-Systems of Play Illusions Pro and Con-Foreign Notes32
Houdini Comments on Exposers Experiences in Germany-Magic Libraries33
The Society of American Magicians34
En Route34

NO. 4: JUNE 190337
Chicago, June 15, 190338
Queer Stories38
The Magician of the Month E. M. Vernelo39
Predestination A Card Trick39
The Magician's Philosophy39
Magicians Doings40
- Boston40
- Cleveland40
- Detroit40
- Kansas City40
- Pittsburg40
Forsaw His Own Death in Strange Dream40
Foreign Notes41
New Coin Trick Thos. J. Peters41
Our Letter Box41
Here and There42
Slept Twenty Years Marguerite Boyenval, French Woman who was in Trance Since 1883 is Dead42
Mr. Jerome's "Disappearing" Feet.42
Book Notes43
The Inexaustible Fairy Tumbler T. Nelson Downs43
The Funnel Trick43
The Mesmeric Ball by Amature Burkly44
A New Ching Ling Foo Bowl Irving R. Allyn44
Up-To_Date Flag Production44
My Original Pass Louis N. Miller45
"Ycarion, The Golden Star."45
The Sociery of American Magicians46
En Route46
Thos. J. Peters Picture46

NO. 5: JULY 190349
Encourage Good deeds, But Don't Flatter50
A Ghost Story50
A New Occupation for Girls50
Magicians Doings51
- Chicago 51
- Mme. Herrmann's Magic51
- Detroit51
- Cleveland51
- Boston51
- Omaha52
- Foreign Notes52
- New Zealand52
- Here and There52
Our Letter Box53
Marshall P. Wilder Weds Marriage Takes Place in a New York Studio53
Secrets of Ching Ling Foo's Marvelous Feats Exposed The Magic Water Bowl54
- The Three Plates55
- Wonderful Fire55
Manipulation with five Coins Thos. J. Peters55
Original Aerial Treasury Louis N. Miller56
Panic in Cafe Over Shooting Guests Gowed by Man Who Shot Another in Chinese Restaurant56
The Magician of the Month E.S. Burns56
The Baby's Reflections57
The Age of Glass57
Last Night of Historic Playhouse57
En Route57
Dr. Ellison's Library Columbia University Wants It When He Pegs Out.58

NO. 6: AUGUST 190361
Chicago, Aug. 15, 190362
A Wise Girl63
Montgomery Ward Blushes63
Magicians Doings63
- Chicago63
- Boston63
- Kansas City63
- Detroit64
- Foreign Notes64
- Australia64
- From a Melbourne, Australia, Paper64
- Here and There65
Novel Sleights65
- The Hindoo Needle Effect Louis N. Miller 65
- Catching Five Different Colored Balls from the Air Thos. J. Peters 65
Our Letter Box66
The Spirit of the Home66
Cohen's Vice Vesa Coin Trick67
L. Cohen's Coins and Flag Trick67
L. Cohen's New Aerial Treasury67
Cohen's Kling Klang Trick67
Knew His Value67
What We Waste.67
The Magician of the Month Ottokar Fischer68
Queen of the Circus. Died Recently Almost in Poverty in New orleans.68
Entirely New Servante Idea68
Book News69
"Ezra's Sleight O' Hand" Poem69
En Route70

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190373
Chicago, Sept. 15, 190374
Magicians Doings75
- Chicago 75
- Boston75
- Detroit75
- Cleveland76
- San Francisco76
- New York City76
- Savannah, Ga76
- Kansas City77
- Foreign Notes77
- Here and There77
Novel Sleights 78
- L. Cohen's Transformed Cards and Handkerchief. 78
- Mysterious Handkerchief Tube78
- The Deluge78
- Improvement on the Chameleon Ball Trick Thos. J. Peters78
The Society of American magicians78
The Magician of the Month A.M. Wilson, M.D.79
Magic as a Fine Art79
An Unusual Diversion79
Book Notes80
Clivette, Mystic Dealer Figuratively Ties Carload of School Teachers in a Knot80
What We Read80

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190385
Chicago, Oct. 15, 190386
Magicians Doings 87
- Chicago 87
- Boston From the Land of the Russian Bear87
- New York87
- Cleveland87
- Omaha87
- San Francisco87
- Foreign Notes88
- News from the Society of Detroit Magicians88
- Here and There89
De Kolta,The Magician Is Dead89
Our Letter Box90
Novel Sleights 91
- The Bewitched Hook Clayton Wyatt91
- The Flying Cards Clayton wyatt91
- A New finish to the Sliding Dice Box Robert Gifford91
- New Coin Sleight Back and Front Palm91
- Chinese Ring Trick Thos. J. Peters91
- A Few Suggestions Louis N. Miller91
The Magician of the Month Allan Shaw92
On the Exposing of Tricks Lee Stewart92
Book Notes92
To Correspondence92
En Route93

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1903097
Chicago, Nov. 15, 1903 To Correspondence98
Magicians Doings99
- Chicago 99
- Boston99
- Cleveland99
- Detroit99
- News From The Society of Detroit Magicians 99
- Kansas City100
- New York100
- Omaha100
- Philadelphia100
- San Francisco101
- Savannah, Ga101
- Foreign Notes101
- Here and There101
Death of Waljalba Frinkell Finnish conjurer102
Wonderful Indian Magic102
Novel Sleights 103
- Handkerchief and Flag Trick Thos. J. Peters103
- The Chameleon and Vanishing Gloves Clayton Wyatt103
- The Vanishing Pack of Cards Clayton Wyatt103
- A New Card Wrinkle Clayton Wyatt103
Secret of Oriental Juggling103
The Magician of the Month Mr. Elbert M. Morey104
About Magic in General L.H. Stewart104
Book Notes104
Magic for Columbia The Library of Dr. Ellison will go to University104
Our Boys Should Learn105

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1903109
Chicago, Dec. 15, 1903110
To Correspondents110
The Magician of the Month Don Turley111
Ghosts Have No Thickness E.H Thorton111
A Mysterious Dead City Vast Ruins of the Past Yet Found in Mexico Are Contona112
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism By F.W. King113
Marie Herrmann Picture113
Magicians Doings114
- Chicago 114
- Philadelphia114
- Detroit114
- Fon Du Lac, Wis.115
- Cleveland115
- St. Louis115
- Omaha115
- Auburn, N.Y.115
- Boston115
- Here and There116
An Acrostic on Mgic, Unity, Might by A.M. Wison, M.D.116
A. Roterberg Picture116
Items of Interest117
Russian Notes by Harry Houdini117
West Indies Association Wants To Learn Tricks With Cards117
Our Letter Box117
The Curse of Neglect118
Coon Hypnotized Clivette, the Magician, Scares Orpheum Porter118
Fred W. King Picture118
The Ne Plus Ultra Cabinet H. Kellar119
His Flowers Not For Sale Youngster Had Gathered Them for His Mother. and Was Loyal119
Novel Sleights 120
- Just Cards C.J. Hicks120
- Vanishing Handkerchief from Bare Hands T. Nelson Downs120
- Original Tube and Handkerchief Trick Louis N. Miller120
- Down's Vanishing Glass of Water T. Nelson Downs120
- Self Lighting Cigar Thos. J. Peters120
- Wyatt's New Card Pass Clayton Wyatt120
- Cigar From the Ear Thos. J. Peters120
- Unkind120
Magic Among Indians Weird Marvels Performed by the Wizards of the Chippewa and Other Indian Tribes-Geo. B. Bedky121
Downs Pleases and Mystifies His Work Has Become an Art, and Large Audiences Sees Excellent Entertainment121
Book Notes122
My Programme A. M. Wilson, M.D.122
Lee Stewart Picture123
Originality in Magic Lee Stewart123
A Chance for the Thirsty Herrmann Gives Drinks from Whisky to Champagne as One of His Tricks. - His Magic Art Applauded.123

NO. 11: JANUARY 1904129
Chicago, Jan. 15,1904130
The Magician of the Month Eugene Powell131
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-By F.W.King Chapter II131
In Addition to the "Aerial Treasury." Leonzo131
Magicians Doings 132
- Chicago 132
- New York132
- Kansas City132
- Auburn, N.Y.132
- San Francisco132
- Boston133
- New Zealand133
- Detroit133
- St. Louis134
- Lawrence, Kans.134
- Milwaukee134
- Cleveland134
- Omaha134
- Here and There134
- English Notes135
- Book Notes136
Our Letter Box 137

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1904141
Chicago, Feb. 15, 1904142
The Magician of the Month Fred J. Peters143
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-by F.W.King Chapter III143
Shakespear on Magic143
Magicians Doings 144
- Chicago 144
- New York144
- Detroit144
- Cleveland145
- Auburn, N.Y.145
- Omaha145
- Philadelphia145
- St. Louis146
- Milwaukee146
- Lawrence, Kans.146
- Kansas City146
- Mt. Vernon, Ill.146
- Seattle, Washington146
- Boston147
- Manchester, England Notes147
Book Notes147
Magic in England by Harry Houdini148
Foreign Notes149
Here and There149
The Pig Turned to Roses149
The Origin of Cards149
Our Letter Box150
Novel Sleights151
- Coin Glass Fred J. Peters 151
- Wine and Water Clayton Wyatt151
- Own Original Flag Conception W. Eshe151
- Levitation of a Paper Ball Clayton Wyatt152
- Handkerchief and Glass Cylinder Improvement152
- A Coin Idea T.J. Crawford152
- George Ade's Trick152
Stewart's Column Lee Stewart Magic From the Front153
- Just for Fun153

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