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The Sphinx Volume 10 (Mar 1911 - Feb 1912)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 10 (Mar 1911 - Feb 1912) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19111
S.A.M. Masthead2
Iona Bio3
Dr. Hoston Explains3
A Suggestion For The Rising Cards By V.K. Allison3
A Good Opener by T.C. Bonney3
Is It "I"? (Poem) By Charles Neil Smith3
Two Magicians Starting At About The Same Time But In Different Fields Of Work Are Now At The Top4
Laurant Picture4
Flour And Water Trick By S.B. Blodgett5
The World Of Magic6
- Mystico's News7
- Society Of Detroit Magicians7
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner8
- English Letter Fred Sinclair8
- London Letter Harold Webbe9
- Chicago Letter I.F. Halton9
Editor's Page10
- Editor's Page Continued11
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott12
DeLand's Steel Ball Trick By Theodore L. DeLand, Jr.13
An Easy Pass By Slygo13
Improved Flagstaff By The Mysterious Dunninger14
The Pass - Pro And Con By Slygo14
The Spirit Guide By James L. Moran14
Handkerchief Wand By W.A. Russell15
Dunninger's Wands15
Dunninger's Flag Wand By The Mysterious Dunninger16
A Good Method For Firing Flash Paper By B.J.Pressman16
First Suggestion for A Novelty Act (Cont. From Page 12)17
Albini At The American Music Hall17
Color Change In Glass (With Handkerchiefs) By L.B. Burrow17
A Problem In Mathematics By George Troseth17

NO. 2: APRIL 191125
John T. Greenwood Bio27
The Game Of Life (Poem) By W.E. Till27
S.A.M. Annual Banquet27
Heard In The Wings27
Thurston Cartoon27
The Watch Or Ring Bottle Russell27
The World Of Magic28
- Hartford Notes29
- Society Of Detroit Magicians G.F.Turner29
- The Society World's Master Magicians Chicago29
- Mystico's News30
- English News Fred Sinclair30
- London Letter Harold Webbe31
- The Order Of The Magi31
- A Correction31
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner32
- Grand Concert Francis J. werneer32
Bewitched Silk De Vega32
An Improvement To The "Chapender Diminishing Cards" By H. Broughton33
The Editor's Page34
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott35
A Novel Ball Pass By Roscoe35
Dunninger's Handkerchief Bottle Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger35
A Mystic Card Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger36
To Produce A Ball After Showing Hands Empty And Without Any Change Over Palms, Etc. By H. Broughton36
Practical Hints By L. Cohen36
Ink And Water By Harry Frog36
An Improved Envelope Exchange By T.C. Bonney37
Attention Magicians By L. Cohen37

NO. 3: MAY 191145
Elmer P. Ransom Bio47
A Tribute To Magic (Poem) By Josephine M. Conklin47
Hal Dared Me To Do It Cartoon47
Two Methods Of Getting The First Ball By Slygo47
The World Of Magic48
- Mystico's Notes49
Meeting Of World's Master Magicians Of Chicago, Illinois50
Royal Courting By Geo. Simpson50
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner50
A Thimble Holder By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward51
Dunninger's Color Changing Ball By The Mysterious Dunninger52
A Simple Handkerchief Wand By V.K. Allison52
A New Money-Catching Trick By Will Goldston52
S.A.M. Officers53
- Chas. Roltare-1st Vice President Picture53
- P.H. Cannon-2nd Vice President Picture53
- R. Van Dien-Secretary Picture53
An Improvement On The 20th Century Handkerchief Trick By Edwin C. Worns, Jr.53
A Useful Card Move By Robert W. Hoel53
The Editor's Page54
Sure Joke54
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott55
- Billiard Ball Moves55
The Top Steal By Lawrence Burrow55
The Mystery Of The Haunted Sentry Box By Korilla56
Sam Lloyd Obit56
Sample Theater Contract By W.A. Russell57
Observations By Harry G. Cleveland57
From Washington, D.C. Charles S. Eby57
Thought-Reading Extraordinary Comic Bit57
Suspension Of Cards Or Levitation Of Cards By Herbert Picton58
Pennies To Dimes By Thewlis58
Some Suggestions On Harry H. Comer's "A New Mind Reading With Cards" By T.C. Bonney58
Wilkie, The Wizard Story59

NO. 4: JUNE 191165
The Great Lafayette Obit67
The Phantom Candle And Candlestick By C. J. Stilwell67
The World Of Magic68
- Hartford Notes68
- Mystico's Notes68
Bits Of Mystery By Herbert De Caston69
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner70
- Banquet70
An Idea For The Aerial Mint by C. J. Stilwell71
A Chair Cover By Surgeon Rell N. Woodward72
An Opening Series By C.J. Stilwell72
Illusive Flag By louis Christianer72
S.A.M. Menu Card73
Magical Ethics By Thewlis73
The Editor's Page74
Twists Of Fancy by Lionel Scott75
- Billiard Ball Moves75
The Reviver Billiard Ball Transposition By Marco76
Austria Magicians - Past And Present By W. Lukesh77
- Ludwig Dobler Picture77
- Compars Herrmann Picture77
- Johann Hofzinser Picture78
- Louis Haselmayer Picture79
An Idea Contract79
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe By L. Cohen80

NO. 5: JULY 191185
Horace Goldin Bio87
A Parlor Trick By Louis Christianer87
The Lemon Trick By H. Syril Dusenberg87
Psychology Of Legerdemain by Lewis R. Hillier87
The World Of Magic88
- Australian Notes89
- Chicago Letter89
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner90
A Hindoo Trick By V.K. Allison90
To Palm And Reverse A Card At The Same Time By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward90
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire91
Is Magic Dead? By J. Warren Keane91
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott92
- Improved Twentieth Century Trick92
A Unique Card Force By C. J. Stilwell92
De Vega's Passe Passe Billiard Balls93
All Up But Salaries Cartoon93
Editor's Page94
My Uncle, The Magish (Poem) By J.E. Conrad95
A Trick With Hair Joke Bit95
Lighted Candles Produced From A Bottle Containing Water By Robt. H. Heger96
Smile And Hustle Poem96
Concerning Lafayette's Estate96
Spiritualistic Slate Writing By The Mysterious Dunninger97
Suggestions In Ball Manipulation By C.J. Stilwell97
Austria Magicians, Past And Present By W. Lukesch98
- George Heubeck Picture98
- S. Thiersfeld Picture98
- Ernest Thorn Picture98
- Ottakar Fischer Picture99
- Francis J. Martinka Picture99
Concerning Books Of Magic By T.J. Crawford100
A New Torn And Restored Card By Herbert M. Richmond100

NO. 6: AUGUST 1911105
Gustave G. Laureyns Bio107
Dunninger's Test Tube Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger107
The World Of Magic108
- Hartford, Conn. Notes108
- Mystico's Notes109
Hints And Suggestions By J. Edward Stewart109
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner109
Single Or Continuous Ball Color Change By C.J. Stilwell110
A Good Sleight With Balls By Floyd A Manger110
Ira Davenport Obit110
A Parlor Card Trick By Louis Christianer110
The Blooming Match Box By De Vega111
One Ahead Of The Magician Joke111
The Lucky Die By Will Goldston112
Why All The Pessimisn? By Norman Clive Nicholson112
Robinson's Ascending Card Mysery By H. Robinson113
A Silk Swindle By Jay113
The Editor's Page114
Twists Of Fancy115
- The Newest Card Levitation115
- A Real Novelty115
- The Crumple Color Change115
- Billiard Ball Act Cartoon115
The Function Of The Funny Bone Surgeon Rell M. Woodward115
Things You Should Know By H. Syril Dusebery116
Two Original Sleights With A Billiard Ball By Gus Miller116
The Forcing Of A Card By C.J. Stilwell116
The Card Of Tartarus By H.H. Woulffe117
A Novel Card Experiment By V.K. Allison117
The Card In The Watch By C.J. Stilwell120

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1911125
Lionel T. Scott Bio127
An Idea By Roy Burk127
William Hanlon On Exposing127
Handkerchief Color Change By L. Raymond Schuck127
The World Of Magic128
- Chicago Letter C. Porter Norton129
- London Letter Albert Lewis130
- Hartford, Conn. News Clarence T. Hubbard130
- Cleveland Notes John J. Grdina130
A New Production Box By The Mysterious Dunninger130
Squeal-Pest And Squeal-Bore By G.G. Laurens131
A Triple Color Change With Cards By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward131
The Modest Maid And The Magician131
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega132
- The Triple Deal132
- The Quadruple Deal132
- An Interlude132
- The Cala Combination132
- Two Simple Coin Vanishes133
- Balance Extraordinary133
The Editor's Page134
- The Editor's Page (Continued)135
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott136
- Did The String Break? Cartoon136
Lighting A Paper By Fanning it By Silent Mora136
Will Goldston of London Talks magic137
- The Sphinx Flying Card137
Robinson's Floating Ball By H.A. Robinson137
Eggs And Handkerchief By Louis Christianer140

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1911145
Marco (E.W. Puhl) Bio147
Ovette's Card Reading Mystery By W.T. McQuade147
Harry Keller Gives Boy Scouts $100147
Living And Dead Brothers And Sisters By Orestes A.B. Senter147
The World Of Magic149
- Hartford Notes149
- English News Fred Sinclair150
- World's Master Magivians, Chicago, Ill. B.L. Gilbert150
- Fredrick The Great C. Porter Norton150
- Kobb's Komments Frank Kobb151
Rising Cards By J.Coyle151
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner151
Transmission Of A Card By Wireless By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward152
Aaron's Rod By C. Foster Fenner152
The Editor's Page153
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega154
- A Good Hat Trick154
- The Adhesive Coin154
- The Traveling Ink And Glass154
- The Traveling Card Mystery154
One On The Magician Story155
Any Card Called For Rises From The Deck By Russell155
Mind Over Matter155
La Creation By De Vega156
Re: Burling Hull Will Goldston160
Wonderful Comedy Bit160

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1911165
Chris Van Bern Bio167
Easy Ifs By Van Gilder167
Green's New Card Catching By Cliff Green167
The World Of Magic168
- Kobbs' Komments
- Chicago Letter C. Porter Norton169
- Cleveland Notes From Grdina170
- Edward Reno Route170
- Boston Notes Sam Bailey170
- The Order Of The Magi170
- New Zealand News William C. Tallboys171
- London Letter Albert Lewis171
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner171
- Two Views Of Kellar's Home Pictures172
- A Discovery By L.B. Burrow172
Mahatmas (W.H.B. Mason) Invisible Vanish Of A Glass Of Water Into A Borrowed Hat172
The Editor's page173
As Seen By Foreign Eyes by G.G. Laureyns173
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega174
- The Spirit Of The Chaulk174
- The Mystic Ring174
- An Effective Color Change174
- The Burnt Handkerchief174
- The Cut Mysterious175
- An Invisible Ink175
Billiard Ball Intermezzo By Marco175
A Sure Winner Story175
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott176
- Just Off The Reel176
- This Is For You176
- Magic Acts Are Interesting176
Torn Corner Card Cremation By L. Raymond Schuck176
Jack Norworth Flier177
Russell's Crystal Prison By Russell179
A Version Of The Reviver Billiard Ball Transposition By Marco180

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1911185
George Mackenzie Munro Bio187
A Good Combination By J. Edward Stewart187
The Flying Card By H.A. Robinson187
Coin Pass By De Vega187
The World Of Magic188
- Kobb's Komments188
- Mystico's News188
- Chicago Magician's Club189
- Society Of Detroit Magicians189
- Boston Notes S. Willson Bailey189
- English Notes Fred Sinclair190
- London Letter190
- The Order Of The Magi190
- Dundee Society Of Magicians Daniel Smith190
- English Items Max Sterling191
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner191
- S.A.M. Members Please Read G.G. Laurens192
A New Flower In The Buttonhole By C. Foster Fenner193
Useful Hints By J. Edward Stewart193
Billiard Ball Intermezzo by Marco194
Russell's Magic Coffee Pot Russell195
The Editor's Page196
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott197
- Billiard Ball Moves197
- The Ball And Tube197
- The Knock197
- Did The Crank Break? Cartoon197
Dunninger's Candle And Hankerchief Mystery by The Mysterious Dunninger198
The Flower Card by Will Goldston198
Things You Should Know By H. Syril Duesenbery199
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire200
How Walden Became A Magician (Poem) By Mrs. Dana Walden200
A Good After-Diner Experiment By Eugene L. Bulson200
A Hat Balance201
Tips And Kinks201

NO. 11: JANUARY 1912209
Surgeon Rell M. Woodward Bio211
A Canary Bird Trick By V.K. Allison211
The World Of Magic212
- Magical Notes212
- Boston Notes212
- Brotherhood Of Magicians213
- London Letter Albert Lewis213
The Window Of The Haunted House By David Devant213
Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega214
- Some Methods Of Using Invibible Ink214
The Changing Handkerchiefs And The Paper Bags By Van K. Allison215
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner215
Do You Know? By H. Syril Dusenbery216
A Suggestion On David Devant's A Display Of Willpower By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward216
Dunninger's Vanishing Table By The Mysterious Dunninger217
Robinson's Phantom Ball Production By H.A. Robinson217
A Simple Moving Pip Card By G. Watson Cobb, Jr.217
The Editor's Page218
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott219
- The Great Ball And Bag Trick219
- Did You Miss The Pass? Cartoon219
Hints And Suggestions By J.T. Kelsey220
Going Up! By Louis Christianer220
Will Goldston Of London Talks Magic220
- The Vanishing Billiard Ball220
Modified Slate Writing By M.W. Thewlis, M.D.221
Rope Ties By H. Syril Dusenbery221
A New Card Sleight By B.L. Gilbert222
Could Not Surprise Farmer223

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1912229
Mme. Reno Bio231
The Card In The Hat By J.E. Conrad231
Rapid Transit Handkerchief Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger231
The World Of Magic232
- Boston Notes232
- Demon's Club Notes - Baltimore232
- Magical Notes Clarence T. Hubbard232
- Chicago Magician's Club By B.L. Gilbert233
- Providence, R.I. J. H. Percival233
- Cleveland, O. Notes233
- Society Of Professional Magicians233
- Order Of The Magi J.W. Harding234
- London Letter Albert Lewis234
Is Magic A Science? By G.G. Laurens235
Multiplying Billiard Balls By O.K. Krueger235
Though Reading Extraordinary Comic Bit235
Coins Through The Glass And Hat By Russell236
The Simplex Rising Card Mystery By De Vega236
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner237
- The Social Session237
The Editors Page238
A Word About Magic By Van K. Allison239
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott239
- A Good Word For The Amateur239
- Can't You Get Out? Cartoon239
Another Method Of Vanishing A Handkerchief From A Glass Tumbler By Sheldon Simms240
The Mahatma's Confetti Change Improved By W.H.B. Mason240
The Obedient Globe On Plank - A Different Way By H.A. Robinson240
The Atwood Canary Bird And Handkerchief Combination V.K. Allison240
An Easy And Illusive Shuffle by Tom C. Bonney241
A New, Easy And Very Subtle Palm By Dr. R. Moershell, D.O.241
Instantania By V.K. Allison241
Gerrit Barendsen Invents Act That Is Mystifying New Clipping243

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