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The Sphinx Volume 3 (Mar 1904 - Feb 1905)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 3 (Mar 1904 - Feb 1905) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19041
Chicago, Mar. 15, 19042
The Magician of the Month M. Inez3
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism By F.W. King Chapter IV3
Magicians Doings4
- Chicago4
- New York4
- Philadelphia5
- Detroit5
- St. Louis6
- Kansas City6
- Milwaukee6
- San Francisco6
- Omaha6
- Sioux City7
- Seattle7
- Los Angeles, Cal.7
- Cleveland7
- Auburn, N.Y.7
- Here and There7
- English Notes8
- Australia8
- Bengal, India8
Wrecks, Floods and Fires These With Steamboat Disasters Give Leon Herrmann an Exciting Tour9
The Subject of Talk Geo. H. Stippe9
Novel Sleights Old Tricks Made New9
- New Color Changing Handkerchief9
- The Mysterious Production Yogi Girindrashekhur9
- My Original Vest Servante Louis N. Miller10
- The full Dress Shirt L. Cohen10
- L. Cohen's Wand Production10
- Penetrating Billiard Ball Prof. C.J. Hicks10
- Manipulation with Ten Cards Thos. J. Peters10
- Rising Card Trick Eugene Rosenblatt10
F. J. Peters Column11
- A Novel and Mystifying Cabinet11
To Vanish Many Coins L. Cohen11
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.11
An Item of Interest International Vaudeville Agency12
A Good Catch12
Our Letter Box12
The Society of American Magicians13
Stewart's Column Magic As A Pastime.14

NO. 2: APRIL 190417
Chicago, April 15, 190418
Jumblets Edw. F. Conran18
The Magician of the Month Carl Herrmann19
- Carl Herrman Picture19
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-by F.W.King Chapter V20
The Size of the St. Louis Exposition20
Magicians Doings21
- Chicago21
- New York21
- Boston21
- San Francisco21
- Cleveland21
- St. Louis22
- Fond Du Lac, Wis.22
- Philadelphia22
- Omaha22
- Detroit23
- Seattle, Washington23
- Lawrence, Kans.23
- Denver, Col23
- New Zealand23
- Foreign Notes24
- English Notes24
- Here and There24
Stewart's Column Magic as a Profession25
Novel Sleights25
- Modern Match Manipulation Leonzo25
- Improved Hand Box Emil F. Schnaubelt, Amature Magician25
- Cohen's Twin Vanishing Handkerchiefs26
- A New Second Sight Walter P. Werheim26
Modern Magic Geo. H. Stipp26
F.J. Peters Column27
- Incomparable Conjuring Box27
Some of the Superstitions Common to Stage Folks27
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.27
This Bell A Foe To Sleep27
Our Letter Box28
Antidote for Exposers Louis N. Miller28
The Society of American Magicians28
- S.A.M. Continued29
- S.A.M/ Continued30

NO. 3: MAY 190433
Chicago, May 15, 190434
Prestigiatory H.L. Davis34
One Exposer Converted34
An Amateurs' Exchange Wanted34
Relieving Her Mind34
The Magician of the Month L. Cohen35
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-by F.W.King Chapter VI35
What He Really Didn't See Emmett,The Mystic35
Magicians Doings36
- Chicago36
- Kansas City36
- Denver, Col.36
- San Francisco36
- Detroit36
- Cleveland37
- Philadelphia37
- Seattle37
- Boston37
- New Zealand37
- St. Louis38
- English Notes38
- Foreign Notes38
- Here and There38
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.39
Magic Among the Navajo and Pueblo Indians By the "Only" Valensin (Thos. J. Hope)39
What Constitutes an Expose Eugene P. Lecher39
Novel Sleights40
- Handkerchief Dyeing-A New Wrinkle T.J.Crawford40
- A New wrinkle for an Old Trick By Harry Whitely40
- New Card Production Clayton Wyatt40
- The Color Change Plume Victor, Emperor of Magic40
- The Changing Die L.N. Miller40
Our Letter Box41
An Australian Amateur's Program J. Davis41
F.J. Peters Column42

NO. 4: JUNE 190445
Chicago, June 15, 190446
Jack Burch A Bankrupt46
The Magician of the Month Will Goldston47
The Society of American Magicians47
Spirit Photography47
Magicians Doings48
- Chicago48
- St. Louis48
- Seattle48
- Boston48
- New Zealand49
- Detroit49
- Philadelphia49
- Denver, Col.49
- Lawrence, Kans.49
- Here and There49
- English Notes50
- Foreign Notes50
The "Story" or "Plot" in Magic Max Sterling50
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.51
It Was Dead East51
Our Letter Box52
Novel Sleights52
- Van Der Koor's Hat Fake52
- The Journeying Card Emil F. Schnaubelt, Amateur magician52
- L. Cohen's Goblet of Mystery53
- The Flying Block of Wood Robert Gifford53
F.J. Peters Column53
- "K"nobby Flag Production53

NO. 5: JULY 190457
Chicago, July 15, 190458
The Magician of the Month Harrison B. Davies59
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-By F.W. King Chapter VII59
One About Bancroft59
Magicians Doings60
- Chicago60
- Kansas City60
- Denver, Col.60
- Seattle, Wash.60
- Detroit61
- Boston61
- New Zealand61
- St. Louis61
- Houston, Texas61
- Philadelphia61
- Here and There61
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.62
Notes From the Society of Detroit Magicians62
Strange Voices from the Grip Sack Matthew Dougans62
Keep A-Going62
Our Letter Box63
"No Sir, You're Not the Man" Walter Meikeljohn Get a Shot When He Keeps and Engagement63
A Pack of Cards63
Re: Honest Criticism63
Novel Sleights64
- A Mysterious Card Effect John N.Hilliard64
- A New "Coin Through the Knee" Pass Leonzo64
- Card Through Hat Henry Whitely64
- To Pass a Coin from One Hand to Another C. Pearson Scott64
- Cohen's Vanishing Coin64
Taken for a Shoplifter A Fine-Looking Old Man with a Score of Full Pockets65
Houdini's Difficult Task Extraoridinary Scene at the Palace65
F.J. Peters Column65
- Magnetic Cards65
- Three Coin Pocket Trick65
Stewart's Column66
- The Specialists of Magic66

NO. 6: AUGUST 190469
Chicago, Aug. 15, 190470
The Magician of the Month Prof. Chas. F. Hiestand71
Stewart's Column71
- Magicians as Artists71
Notes from the Society of Detroit Magicians71
Magicians Doings72
- Chicago72
- Kansas City72
- Boston72
- St. Louis72
- Philadelphia72
- Denver, Col.72
- Australia73
- Detroit73
- Here and There73
- English Notes73
The Society of American Magicians74
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.75
Amateur's Column F.R. Ogden76
- Three Ball Combination Russell "The Mystifier"76
- Now Watch Me Very Closely, Please Napsac76
Novel Sleights76
- Card from the Air-New Method C. Pearson Scott76
- A New Back Hand Palm Trick John Allen 77
- A Step-Ladder Illusion Wm. Austin Russell, "The Mystifier"77
- L. Cohen's New Crystal Target77
F.J. Peters Column77
Why People Buy Books 78
Our Letter Box78

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190481
Chicago, Sept. 15, 190482
The Magician of the Month Marshall P. Wilder83
Has The Unlucky Thirteen It Figures Thirteen Times on a Quarter With Some Strange Combinations83
How Mark Twain Proposed83
A Magician's Warning Fred J. Peters83
Magicians Doings84
- Chicago84
- St. Louis84
- Detroit84
- Philadelphia84
- Boston84
- Lawrence, Kans85
- Denver, Col.85
- Herre and There85
- Australia85
- New Zealand85
- English Notes86
Book Notes A.M. Wilson, M.D.86
The Society of American Magicians87
Stage Wardrobe Woman97
Amateur's Column F.R. Ogden88
- Poem J.C. Daniels88
- One From the "King of Kerchiefs" G.R. Waterman88
- Coin Change Gistave A. Domitz88
- To Produce a Quantity of Handkerchiefs T. Calvin Manor88
- Daniels' Flying Handkerchief J.C. Daniels88
Novel Sleights88
- New Kling Klang Laurence H. Stone, Boy Conjurer88
- The Thorn Cards88
- The Card Clip88
- Yarn Clayton Wyatt88
- Vanish Fourt Coins by Sleight of Hand Lorenzo89
- Goodbye, Marshall! (Poem) James Barton Adams90

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190493
Kansas City, Oct. 15,190494
- Salutory94
Mansfield A Magician94
The Magician of the Month Charles O. Williams95
The Ring and Coin Trick C.O. Williams95
C.O. Williams' Original Thimble Moves95
Magicians Doings96
- Chicago96
- New Zealand96
- Boston Items96
- Detroit96
- Philadelphia97
- Foreign Notes97
- Kansas City97
- Denver, Colo.97
- St. Louis97
- English Notes98
"The Holy-Holie-Linen." C. Pearson Scott98
A Few Hints on Books to Buy98
The Society of American Magicians99
Amateur's Column F.O.Ogden100
- Notes by "Crawford, the Mysterious"100
- Forcing T.H.P.L.100
- The New Flying Coin Ed-The "Kardells"-Lew, Amateurs100
- A Simple But Mystifing Card trick Hugh G. Cross100
- The Traveling Balls Karlemann100
Book Notes101
Variation on an Old Theme John N. Hilliard102
L.N. Miller's Card Trick102

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1904105
Kansas City, Nov. 15,1904106
The Magician of the Month "Zennia"-W.H. Adams107
Spring and Pull Fred J. Peters107
Magicians Doings108
- Chicago108
- New York City108
- Seattle News108
- Boston Items108
- St. Louis News108
- Detroit109
- Philadelphia109
- Kansas City109
- Here and There109
- English Notes110
The Society of American Magicians110
Book Notes111
The Pro and Con of Spiritualism-by F.W. King Chapter VIII111
Amatuer's Column T.J. Crawford112
- Rising Card Trick112
- Billiard Ball Production Knaus, Wizard112
- A "Sure Cure" Sleight J.C.D.112
Kellar and Valadon By John N. Hilliard112
The Trained Half Dollar Translated from Die Zauberwelt by Hohn N. Hilliard114

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1904117
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 15, 1904118
Program of De Biere at the Regent, Salford, Eng118
The Magician of the Month Frank Herrmann Keller119
Something About Playing Cards By Clement de Leon, King of Billiard Balls119
Bran and Water Trick By Harry Whiteley119
Magicians Doings120
- Magic Shows120
- Society Entertainers120
- In Vaudeville120
Wrinkles for Conjurers121
A New Idea for the Watch Bag Chas. O. Williams121
English Notes122
Le Clair Zelleno Picture122
A New Form of Duck Tub L.C. Zelleno122
The Society of American Magicinas123
The Billiard Match-Adventures of a Traveling Magician Translated From the French of Auguste Meyner by John N. Hilliard123
Gauling Limerick- J.C.D.124
Our Letter Box124
The Mystic Sphere Fred J. Peters125
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford126
- A Color Change T.J.C.126
- Dismoreski G.R. Waterman126
- A Billiard Ball Change Ed-The "Kardells"-Lew,Amateurs126
Book Notes126

NO. 11: JANUARY 1905129
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 15,1905130
The Magician of the Month Herr Paul Valadon131
Pro and Con of Spiritualism-by Fred W. King Chapter IX131
Magicians Doings132
- New York Notes132
- San Francisco132
- In Vaudeville132
- Philadelphia132
- Magic Shows132
- Entertainers133
- New Zealand Notes133
Glass of Water Trick By Louis N. Miller133
English Notes134
Some Illusions of the Past Year134
Book Notes135
Moreau Translated from the French of E. Raynally, by John N. Hilliard136
The Status of Vaudeville Magic in Australia By Robert Kudarz137
Horace Goldin's Program By Henry Whiteley138
Kellar and Valdon Hugh Mulloy138
Amateur's Column T. J. Crawford139
- The Amateur139
- Original Ribbon Production By Joe B. Sublett139
- "The Kardells"139
- Coin Vanishes That Are Not Well Known Ed-The "Kardells"-Lew139
- Brain Trick Imporved By L.W. Gavett139
The Society of American Magicians140
Our Letter Box140
C.O. Williams' Original Card and Envelope Trick By Chas. O. Williams141
New Billiard Ball Move Chas. P. Medrington141
The Russian-Japanese War By John N. Hilliard142
Pass Two Selected Cards Through A Plate By Fred Peters142

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1905145
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 15, 1905146
- Chas. Lee146
- Harry Lathrop146
- Harry Sparrow146
The Magician of the Month The Zancigs147
The Magic Kettle By G. Elwood Towns147
Billiard Ball Production By Waterman147
A Finish to the Rice Bowl Trick G. Elwood Towns147
Magicians Doings148
- Magic Shows148
- In Vaudeville148
- Boston149
- Philadelphia149
- Seattle149
- Detroit149
- Entertainers149
- In the Lyceum Field149
Twentieth Century Telepathy By John N. Hilliard150
Book Notes151
Card Trick By Louis N. Miller151
To Snap A Coin Visibly Through The Top Of A Silk Hat By H.E. Van Der Koor151
The Society of American Magicians152
An Impromptu Trick By John N. Hilliard152
Amateur's Column T.J. Crawford153
- Don't Repeat.153
- A Mystifying Card Trick By Karlemann153
A Substantial Support For Magicians Tables By Dr. W.S. Walters153
Laudette's Torn Card and Envelope By Albert Laudette153
English Notes154

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