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The Sphinx Volume 40 (Mar 1941 - Feb 1942)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 40 (Mar 1941 - Feb 1942) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1941
The Birth of Old Glory. By A. M. Wilson, M.D.7
The Magic Door. By Howard Thurston.8
Card Effect With Two Packs. By Nate Leipzig.10
Potato Jones And His Amazing Disappearance. Horace Goldin.11
The Miser's Dream As I Do It. By T. Nelson Downs.12
Houdini-Hardeen Strait-Jacket Escape. By Theo. Hardeen Brother of Houdini.14
Hi-Strung. By Okito and Fu-Manchu.16
The Witch Of The Flame. Eugene Laurant.18
The Triple Escape. By Levante.20
A Great Production. By Blackstone.21
The Coin Roll Vanish. By Paul LePaul.22
Birch Vanishes Fifty Rabbits. By Birch.23
Mobilizing The Aces. By Dai Vernon.24
Watches, Tin Can, And Loaf. By Jose Frakson.26
Harbin's Production Box. By Robert Harbin.27
What Makes A Trick. By Al Baker.28
Card In The Candle. By Ed. Reno.29
Thinking Is A Good Trick. By "Silent" Mora.30
The Vice Versa Rabbit Mystery. By Harlan Tarbell.31
The Perennial Question. By Jack Gwynne.32
Many Things Happen. By Harry Kellar.33
I Was A Hindu Prince. By Nicola.34
Forty Years Ago And More. By E.P. Ransom.36
Portrait: Alexander Herrmann.43
Portrait: Buatier DeKolta.44
Portrait: Harry Kellar.45
Portrait: Howard Thurston.46
Portrait: Harry Houdini.47
Portrait: T. Nelson Downs.48
Portrait: Horace Goldin.49
Portrait: Nate Leipzig.50
Portrait: David Bamberg (Fu Manchu).51
Portrait: Birch.52
Portrait: Harry Blackstone.53
Portrait: Cardini.54
Portrait: Chang.55
Portrait: Keith Clark.56
Portrait: Ade Duval.57
Portrait: Frakson.58
Portrait: Hardeen.59
Portrait: Will Rock.60
Portrait: Paul Rosini.61
Portrait: Tarbell.62
Looking Backwards.63
Hocus Pocus Revue of 1941.63
Editor's Page.64
Squawks. By Frazee.65
25 Years Ago.65
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.65
M.U.M. Edited by Leslie P. Guest.66
- National Council Meeting.66
- Valley Conjurer's Assembly 17. By George J. Ellsworth.66
- South Calif. Assembly No. 22. By Gerald Kosky.66
- Worcester Assembly No. 16. By Jordan J. Derderian.67
- Cleveland Assembly No. 10. By Robert B. Andrews.67
- Rouclere Assembly No. 25.67
- Dallas Assembly No. 13. By Carl E. Hunt.67
- Queen City Mystics Assembly 11. By Harold F. Puff.68
- Central City Assembly No. 14. By Howard Warringer.68
- Harry Houdini Assembly No. 29. By Vynn Boyar.68
- North Conn. Assembly No. 21. By Warren O. Cosgrove.68
- Texas Assembly No. 19. By John L. Feeney.69
- Philadelphia Assembly No. 4. By Walter S. Fogg.69
- Chicago Assembly No. 3. By Geo. H. Turner.69
Directory of Magic Clubs Affiliated and Independent.70
Parent Assembly News. Edited by Steven Phillips.72
Magical Apparatus.73
Max Holden.79
Percy Abbott.83

NO. 2: APRIL 1941
R. I. Issue.108
Rhode Island Magicians. By C. Foster Fenner.108
Miracles for Sale.108
Joining Ropes. By "Think-A-Drink" Hoffman.109
Penetrating Gold Fish. By C. Foster Fenner.110
Magic Photography.110
Color Changing Balloon. By Williston.111
Break-away Box. By E. Donald Emery.112
Surprise Coin Production. By Edward L. Whitford.112
Prediction & Card Reverse. By Tony Kardyro.112
The Magic Light. By Robert E. Graham.113
Perplexing Pasteboard Problem. By H. Adrian Smith.113
Magic, Rabbits and Lithos. By Chas. A. RossKam.114
Ottokar Fischer Dies.117
William A Ransom Dies.117
Magic in Print: Card Tricks Anyone Can Do. Laer At Trylie and Tankelaeseren. Magic and Mysteries of India. Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. Reel Magic. Catalog.117
Editor's Page.118
Squawks. By Frazee.119
25 Years Ago.119
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.119
M.U.M. Edited by Leslie P. Guest.120
- Indianapolis Assembly No. 31. By William F. Steinmetz.120
- Atlanta Assembly No. 30. By Mrs. H. R. Hulse.120
- Queen City Mystics Assembly No. 11. By Harold Puff.120
- Ohama Assembly No. 7. By John Keenan.120
- Central City Assembly No. 14. By Howard Waringer.120
- Harry Houdini Assembly No. 29. By Vynn Boyar.121
- Northern Conn. Assembly No. 21. By Warren O. Cosgrove.121
- Southern Calif. Assembly No. 22. By Gerald Kosky.121
- Worcester Assembly No. 16. By Jordan J. Derderian.121
- Chicago Assembly No. 3. By Geo. H. Turner.121
- Valley Conjurer's Assembly No. 17.122
- Royal L. Vilas Assembly No. 20. By Jerry Wallston.122
- Rhode Island Assembly No. 26. By Fred Poole, Jr.122
- Rouclere Assembly No. 25. By Douglas Ebocker.122
- Boston Assembly No. 9. By Dick Fowler.122
- Pittsburgh Assembly No. 18. By Jean Fole.123
- Robert Houdin Assembly No. 24. By B. O. Burgin.123
- Philadelphia Assembly No. 4. By Walter S. Fogg.123
Parent Assembly News. Edited by Steven Phillips.125

NO. 3: MAY 1941
Future Events.132
Miracles for Sale: Reels. "Ringo-Stick". Miracle Telephone Trick. Grant's Superba. Rat Trap for Card. Kanter's Rabbit. Television Frame. The Ghost Mirror. Silk Penetration.132
Knifed. By Robert Harbin.133
A Chinaman's Chance. By Winston H. Freer.134
The Lone Camels of Abou. By Thomas W. Duncan.134
Tophat, Cane, and Flowers. By Milbourne Christopher.135
Silk to Ribbons, and Bouquet. By J. Brown.135
More Providence Magic:136
- Paper Tearing. By George Wetherald.136
- Very Effective. By Ralph Capasso.136
- Deceptive Coin Move. By Olindo Galluccio.136
- Two Live Rabits From A Hat. By Karson.136
- The Vanishing Cream. By John H. Percival.137
- Cartoon. By Watson.137
- Easy Card Control. By Gerald Kosky.138
- Show The Card To The Pad. By Gerald L. Kaufman.138
- Glass of Milk Routine. By Emil M. Loew.138
- Murder Mystery with Cards. By Clayton Rawson.139
"How's Tricks?" By Ade Duval.140
Portrait: Russell Swann.141
Editor's Page.142
Squawks. By Frazee.143
25 Years Ago.143
Magic in Print: Design for Magic. Old Tricks Made New. Something Borrowed - Something New.143
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.144
M.U.M. Edited by Leslie P. Guest.145
- Rhode Island Assembly No. 26. By Fred Poole, Jr.145
- Atlanta Assembly No. 30. By H. R. Hulse.145
- Golden Gate Assembly No. 2. By Harry R. Voges.145
- Queen City Mystics Assembly No. 11. By Harold F. Puff.146
- Omaha Assembly No. 7. By John Keenan.146
- Texas Assembly No. 19. By Dr. John L. Feeney.146
- Harry Houdini Assembly No. 29. By Vynn Boyar.146
- Chicago Assembly No. 3. By Geo. H. Turner.146
- Northern Conn. Assembly No. 21. By Warren O. Cosgrove.147
- Philadelphia Assembly No. 4. By Walter S. Fogg.147
- Worcester Assembly No. 16. By Jordan J. Derderian.147
- Southern Calif. Assembly No. 22. By Gerald Kosky.147
- Valley Conjurers Assembly No. 17. By George J. Ellsworth.148
- Rouclere Assembly No. 25. By Douglas Ebocker.148
- Pittsburgh Assembly No. 18. By Jean Fole.148
- Boston Assembly No. 9. By Dick Fowler.148
Parent Assembly News. Edited by Steven Phillips.149

NO. 4: JUNE 1941
Future Events.156
Miracles for Sale: Double Visible Blockgo. Get-Em-Snake. Think. Berg's Latest Blank Deck. Spirit-Buzzer. Tele-Vision.156
Dealer's Providence Show.156
The Miaco Color Change. By Miaco.157
A Novel Drum or Hat Load. By C. Foster Fenner.158
Making A Mistake. By Clarence Perry.158
Sam in China.158
Harbin's Super Newspaper Reading. By Robert Harbin.159
The Great Checker Mystery. By J. Brown.159
New Color Changes: Balloon, by Emil M. Loew; Giant Fan, by Charles Reagan.160
The Dave Price False Cut. By Dave Price.160
Tips on Magic. By Jack Flosso.160
Sleeves & Coins. By Paul Morris.161
What It Takes. By Leith Loder.163
Talamas. By Keith Clark.164
Portrait: Talamas.165
Providence S.A.M. Conference.166
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.169
Cometic Rays.169
Editor's Page.170
Squawks. By Frazee.171
25 Years Ago.171
Magic in Print: Cagliostro. Our Mysteries. The Cardology of Tomorrow. Handle With Gloves. After The Dessert.171
Parent Assembly News. Edited by Steven Phillips.173

NO. 5: JULY 1941
Future Issues.180
Future Events.180
Miracles for Sale: Grab-A-Dollar. Perplexity. Something from Nothing. Mental Photography. Flowering Rose Bush. Production of paper matches. Cut and Restored Ribbon.180
Dealers' Cincinnati Show.180
Time. By Robert Harbin.181
With A Bow To Dr. Elliott. By Leo Hartz (S. Leo Horowitz).182
Gloves To Pigeon. By C. Foster Fenner.182
Two Card Detection. By Arthur Punnar.182
Mnemonic Aid for Telepathy. By Leon Peisachowitz, M.D.183
Grand Finale. By Tom Bowyer, Angelo Lewis, Arthur Leroy.184
A Spirit Writes. By Arthur Leroy.184
I've Got A Pocket Full Of Schemes. By Arthur Leroy.185
A Magic Personality. By Leith Loder.186
"Must Magicians Fight Spiritualism". By John Booth.187
Cincinnati I.B.M. Convention.188
Editor's Page.190
Squawks. By Frazee.191
25 Years Ago.191
Magic in Print: Marvels of Mystery. More Card Manipulations. The Diary of a Magician's Wife.191
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.192
"A Few Paragraphs". By "Dorny".192

NO. 6: AUGUST 1941
Next Month.200
Miracles for Sale: The Spider. Burn-a-Hank. Devil's Mail Box. Maxam Ring Illusion. 2 From 5. Great Comedy Lit Cigar. Haunted Handkerchief.200
Future Events.200
Bran Transposition. By Ed Reno.201
Harbin's Holdout. By Robert Harbin.202
Producing A Rabbit. By Erlo Lee.202
Cut and Restored Electric Lamp Wire. By Tommy Dowd and Alicia.203
Lazybones. By Arthur Leroy.204
Could Be. By Arthur Leroy.204
Hot Stuff. By Arthur Leroy.204
Just Another Move. By Arthur Leroy.204
Color Line. By Arthur Leroy.205
Slam. By Arthur Leroy.205
Suit The Act To The Magician, The Magician To The Act. By Leith Loder.206
Double or Astral Body. By Harry Kellar.207
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.208
Trix and Chatter - Mostly the Latter. By "Dorny".208
Seattle P.C.A.M. Convention. By Frank G. Gorrie.209
Anything May Happen. By Ed Reno.210
Beloved By His Fellow. By Nicola. By Harry Blackstone. By Le Paul. By Johnny Platt. By Eugene Laurant. By Al Baker. And Dorny Sez.210
Portrait: Edward M. Reno.211
Editor's Page.212
Squawks. By Frazee.213
25 Years Ago.213
Homer S. Woodworth Dies.214

Next Month.220
Future Events.220
Miracles for Sale.220
Club or Stage Routine. By Karson.221
Routine for Club or Stage. By Paul S. Limerick.222
Rats and Stuff. By Stuart Robson, and Arthur Leroy.222
An Adaptable Routine. By Harold Sterling.223
A Comedy Routine. By Donald Holmes.223
Some Suggestions and A New Routine. By Samuel Berland.224
Try This Routine. By Joe Berg.225
Care and Use of Flash Paper. By John C. Flynn.225
Routine for A 15 Minute Club Act. By Lew Smith.226
Stage Presence. By Leith Loder.227
Dealer's in Magic and Spells.228
Pictures of the Month.229
Editor's Page.230
Squawks. By Frazee.231
25 Years Ago.231
"On The Spot". By Dorny.232
Piff Paff Poof Convention.232
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.233
News Notes.233

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1941
Read the Magic.240
Miracles for Sale: Cig-O-Bill. Abbott's Six Card Repeat. Number Detection. Folding Coin. Uncle Sam Arrives. Oh Bunk. The New Geni Tube. Shrunken Head Illusion. Vision Tester.240
"Joseph's Block & Ribbon". By Eddie Joseph.241
Confetti Capers. By "Hen" Fetsch.242
Long Distance Mental Radio. By Grant Stuart.242
Mysterious Dimes. By Arthur Leroy. By J. Brown.243
Higgins Clock. By Robert Harbin.243
Via A Thumb Tip. By Spalding.244
Perpetual Coin Roll. By Wilfrid Jonson.244
Producing A Rabbit. By Erlo Lee.244
Just For The Fun Of It. By Paul Morris.245
The Joys of Jaw Magic. By Leith Loder.246
Houdini National Magic Day October Thirty-first.251
Editor's Page.252
Squawks. By Frazee.253
25 Years Ago.253
Magic in Print: Namreh's Lincoln Rings. Frank Lane's Patter Books 1-2-3. Funny Stuff for Funny Magicians. Try This One. Sim.253
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.254
Picture of the Month.254
Fifteen Hundred Magicians Convene. Abbott's Get-Together. M.A.E.S. Newark Convention. Mid-West Conclave. New England Convention. Airline Pilot Performs.255

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1941
David Devant Dies.264
Miracles for Sale: Soft Soap. Sponge Ball Transformations. Mystery Water. The Lady and Gent. Super X Levitation. Hummer's Poker Chip Baffle. Blok Kord. Surprise Escape.264
Color Blend. By Milbourne Christopher.265
Confetti and Silks. By Peter Warlock.266
"Keep Them Flying". By Grant Stuart.267
The Haunted Cheese. By Robert Harbin.267
Transposing Rings. By J. Brown.267
An Amazing Card Force. By John Hochland.268
My Rising Cards. By Rafael Vergara.268
The Fabulous Falconi. By Milbourne Christopher.269
Editor's Page.270
Squawks. By Frazee.275
25 Years Ago.275
To Pant or Pantomime. By Leith Loder.276
Birch The Magician.277
On The Spot. By Dorny.278
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.278
New York State Conclave.279
Houdini Club Convention.279
Hocus Pocus Parade.279
I.B.M. No. 2 Banquet.279
Where They Are.280
Margery Dies.280

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1941
The Christmas Conjuror.287
Miracles for Sale: Frankfurters - and Beer Bottles. Mother Goose Rhymes. Nail Writing Gimmick. Handkerchief to Snake. P.M.C. Nite Club Vanish. Drinks at Finger-tips. Puttin' In The Pocket. Repeat Candle Tube. Triple Color Change Silk. Mystery Box. Corrections.288
Catching Coins. By Al Baker.289
The Penetrable Silk. Enlarged and Illustrated. By Spalding.290
Alibi. By Robert Harbin.291
Penetration Supreme. By T. J. Crawford.292
Donno's Dog. By Donno.293
Dollars on the Ceiling. By Milbourne Christopher.293
An Approach to Misdirection. By Leith Loder.294
"On the Spot". By Dorny.295
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.295
Barking Hackward. By Charles A. Leedy.296
Editor's Page.298
Squawks. By Frazee.303
25 Years Ago.303
Whispers From The Past. By Joe Hayman. As told to Edward Saint.303

NO. 11: JANUARY 1942
Letter by John Mulholland.319
Next Month.320
Miracles for Sale: Match-Effex. New Ball and Glass Trick. Water-Go. Ringo-Stick. Very Real Rabbit. Double Visible Blockgo. Grab-A-Dollar. Burn-a-Hank. Cig-O-Bill. Soft Soap.320
Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds. By Paul Le Paul and John Mulholland.321
The Penetrable Silk. Enlarged and Illustrated. By Spalding.322
The Fourth Dimension. By Robert Harbin.325
The Impossible Is Possible. By Frederic Kolb and Gregory Tanis.326
Reappearing Eye Glasses. By J. Brown.326
Thought Transmission. By John Hochland.326
To Wit... By Leith Loder.331
Laughs Not In The Script. By Vin Carey.332
Editor's Page.334
Squawks. By Frazee.335
25 Years Ago.335
Magic in Print: Magical Ways and Means, by Al Baker. The Figure Fiend, by R. A. Burley. The Tarbell Course, by Harlan Tarbell. Miracle Methods, by Jean Hugard and Fred Braue.335
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.336
On The Spot. By "Dorny".337

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1942
The Great Nicola.344
Miracles for Sale: Flash Rope Penetration. 20th Century.344
Magic in Print: Patriotic Magic. Catalogue.344
The Christopher Slate. By Milbourne Christopher.345
A New Click Pass. By Paul Morris.346
Coin Vanish. By Arthur Punnar.346
Enchanted Wand. By Jack Flosso.347
The Club Tray. By Robert Harbin.347
Magical Easter Egg Dyeing. By J. Brown.347
Harry Rouclere Dies.348
Elmer P. Ransom Dies.349
Speaking Professionally. By Nicola.350
Around the World with the Great Nicola. By Charles Vance and The Roberts.351
Just Routine Stuff. By Leith Loder.354
Editor's Page.360
Squawks. By Frazee.361
25 Years Ago.361
Ted Annemann Dies.361

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