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The Trade Show Handbook
by Bud Dietrich & Dick Jarrow

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The Trade Show Handbook by Bud Dietrich & Dick Jarrow

Bud Dietrich was a full time pro since school days. Later in his life he has been almost exclusively a trade show magician, and had the added honor of being Mr. Hoyle, front magician for Hoyle cards.

When a man like that sets down his ideas on trade shows, backed by a good solid magic thinker like Dick Jarrow, we can expect a handbook that should rank easily with How to Sell and New Field. Trade shows are where the money is. Let Dietrich tell you how to get it!

Linking Ring review by John Braun:

46 pages, size 7x9, saddle stitched in an attractive cover, with title on front. Published by Brown & Bigelow. The type, printing and layout leave nothing to be desired, and neither does the book itself, unless it is that most readers will wish it was longer! It's "about tradeshows, specifically large trade shows...and the opportunities trade shows offer the to take advantage of them...and how to avoid the pitfalls that are awaiting the unwary." Though we've all heard of the opportunities, it just isn't so easy that anyone can walk in "cold" and do a "pitch" like the man who knows his business. The authors know "what it's all about", and know in a thorough "introductory course." No wasted words here, no long-winded discussions. And no tricks! Just solid meat! That's one way of putting it; or, if you like the comparison put another way, this is 100 proof "sense and know-how" to start you off on the right foot if you have hopes of entering this field. You may be a skilled magical entertainer, but there's a lot more than magical skill to the business of getting the trade show goer's attention and causing him to think kindly of your sponsor's product! This book will tell you what you need to know, and there's also some words of wisdom and appreciation for the sponsor who we hope will hire you! Recommended reading!

1st edition 1973, 48 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, 42 pages.

Table of Contents


    Part I: The Entertainer

  3. CHAPTER II: The Agent ... friend or foe?
  4. CHAPTER III: Auditions
  5. CHAPTER IV: The Audience
  6. CHAPTER V: How To Find Material For Trade Show Routines
  7. CHAPTER VI: Routines
  8. CHAPTER VII: Microphones
  9. CHAPTER VIII: Give Aways ... a Prize In Every Booth
  10. CHAPTER IX: Income vs Taxes
  11. CHAPTER X: Sales Meetings and Hospitality Rooms
  12. CHAPTER XI: Bits and Pieces
  13. CHAPTER XII: Murphy's Law
  14. CHAPTER XIII: The Twilight Zone
  15. And now ... A WORD TO THE SPONSOR

    PART II: The Sponsor

  16. CHAPTER I: Selecting a Trade Show Entertainer
  17. CHAPTER II: Sales Points and The Entertainer
  18. CHAPTER III: Terrific! I Wish We Could See Better
  19. CHAPTER IV: Show and Tell Time Is Over

word count: 14870 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text