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Those Beautiful Dames
by Frances Marshall


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Those Beautiful Dames by Frances Marshall

An ebook honoring those great women in magic, some from the past centuries. A world survey of "Those Beautiful Dames." Featuring among others Debbie Henning. Dan Waldron has a section on the Blackstone Saga, covering the magical life of Harry Senior, then the Blackstone, Jr. we know. Beautiful and talented women figured in both their lives, with Gay Blackstone a star in the Blackstone show. Marion Nicola writes of her show and life with the Great Nicola, Val Andrews covers many famous lady assistants. Carol Roy, Mrs. Electric releases the inside story of their adventures in odd parts of the world. The fabulous success story of Dell O'Dell appears here, as well as Frances Willard, Shari Lewis and Okinu Tenkai. Introductions to the girls who appeared in the pre-Broadway shows of Henning and their own successes. Also to Bess Houdini, who needs no introduction. A photo of a great new concept for a girl magician - a flying carpet for a stage! Dorothy Dietrich, the female Houdini. A section by Amy Dawes on the many famous women in magic in Britain, winners of trophies, stars in their own right, famous assistants. Two magical scripts will make local ladies into "Beautiful Dames", if they want to pursue it. And many other short pieces about famous women, plus many photographs, descriptions of acts, tricks and ideas which will serve as inspirational material for any girl trying to dream up an act. 90 girl magicians are described, pictured, dealt with at more or less length. A fun ebook to read, it represents a great deal of authentic research, and no other book compares with it for its subject matter.

1st edition 1984; 1st digital edition 2017, 145 pages.
word count: 45252 which is equivalent to 181 standard pages of text