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Three Daley Deceits
by Ian Baxter

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Three Daley Deceits by Ian Baxter

Doctor Jacob Daley was one of the most respected sleight-of-hand artists of the twentieth century. This acclaimed New York performer left the magic fraternity an astonishing cache of published works, from the acclaimed Stars Of Magic series to prized entries in assorted books and magazines.

Three Daley Deceits offers a new look at three of the Doctor's most celebrated card mysteries, carefully revised by Australian cardman Ian Baxter.

Daley's Aces - In Spades is Baxter's spin on this ever-popular transposition. The four Aces from the deck are slowly and deliberately placed on the table, Hearts and Diamonds to the right, Clubs and Spades to the left. On command, they change places, instantly! Brief, intriguing byplay with the Aces of Spades gives this new approach a breath of fresh air.

Preferred Paradox is a revised method and presentation for Daley's A Paradox Of Pairs, first published in The Jinx back in 1936. Editor Theo Annemann was particularly taken with this one and for good reasons: Limited sleight of hand, brief, easy to follow and thoroughly baffling.

Rouge et Noir Encore, one of the Doctor's most copied effects, gets a dusting off here with a new, streamlined method. Once again Baxter looks at simplifying known techniques formerly applied to this Daley favourite. When a spectator unwittingly separates five red spot cards from five blacks, jaws drop. If you can cut to an in-jog, this is for you, as are the above two entries. Just amazing!

Price? That's amazing as well! Just $9.00

1st edition 2024, PDF 9 pages.
word count: 2561 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text