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Thumb Tip Handling Masterclass

by Hal Saxon
#2 Magic & Conjuring author
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Thumb Tip Handling Masterclass by Hal Saxon

#2 in Magic & Conjuring hot-list

"It's a thing of beauty. Everything is covered and I believe it might be one of the best purchases magicians can make today. You cover everything in detail and it's a pleasure to watch. - Olivier Boes

I want us to reimagine and revolutionize our tipistry. Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, proficiency, and mastery. If we can pull this off, you'll also skyrocket your confidence with a thumb tip.

My methodology is to perform close up, with no weird or wacky moves. I just perform slow and deliberate with handling and moves that defy logic.

The Thumb Tip Handling Masterclass is here. 8 videos totaling 124-minutes of awesome thumb tip handling and vanishes. This video series is the only place you will learn my trademark super-fast, angle-proof HalSaxon vanish, along with 25 very deceptive handling moves that I call plug-ins.

The HalSaxon vanish is a vanish I have performed for 4 decades. I have never disclosed its workings until now. This vanish when married with the 25 plug-in's will help cement your legacy as a close-up magician.

Never has so much been done with the little classic of magic, the thumb tip. The Thumb Tip Handling Masterclass focuses on handling a tip like a pro. You will learn incredible deception, misdirection, and handling like you've never seen before.

Videos 1 & 2 cover thumb tip basics. Types of thumb tips, types of effects, and more.

Video 3 is an overview of the 22 thumb tip handling positions.

Videos 4 & 5 discuss 10 different beginner, intermediate, and advanced vanishes from the spectator and magicians' point of view. This includes my trademark never disclosed HalSaxon Vanish.

Video 6 covers my 25 most used plug-ins for maximum deception and handling.

Video 7 discusses a few of my favorite transfers.

Video 8 puts it all together and looks at how to spice up any effect. I will show you a basic beginner vanish that I have spiced up with plug-ins, and my trademark HalSaxon vanish with several very deceptive moves.

1st edition 2022, video length 2 hours.

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